Yuriy in Brighton

My name’s Yuriy Nezhura. I learned at your school for 3 weeks (from 15th April to 5th May this year).

My tutor was Gill Stephens. I’m very grateful to you for well-organized learning course and leisure outside school.


My particular gratitude is for your teacher and her family. Gill is very experienced teacher. Apart from that she is

a very kind person. We had a lot of remarkable and admirable lessons. I appreciated it very much.


Gill and Nick helped me solve all the problems I faced with in Brighton. Thanks to them, I was able to meet

Brighton, ordinary people life, your customs as close as possible. I got acquainted with some interesting

people. One of them was Hilda Offen, who is a children’s author. Our small talks succeeded in enlarging and

enriching my mind. Her English is impeccable. It was very easy to speak to her for me.


I think, you can be proud of such a teacher as Gill. If I have any opportunity I’ll certainly take advantage of it.


Best regards




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