Yaroslav in Sandwich

Hello, my name is Yaroslav. I`m from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I lived in Sandwich for two weeks. It was great. I went to two castles, zoo,  barbecue and horse competition. I really enjoyed all of it. And I went to the laser rush in Whistable, a shooting game. I ate pancakes and ice cream. And I went to the swimming pool. I bought some postcards and put them in my scrapbook. It will be interesting to show this scrapbook to my parents. And I went to Walmer castle. It was interesting. I went for a walk with the dog and went to the pirate ship. After Dover castle I went to the secret wartime tunnels. Sometimes it was really scary . My lessons also were really cool. I enjoyed them. And I think all my skills are better now. We played table game, read texts about Russia and many other interesting texts. And I played word games with children who live here. I really enjoyed this holiday!!!

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