Wunderful stay with Daniela Thake in Cambridge

Fantastic Cambridge Visits
Fantastic Cambridge Visits

Hi it´s Romana here. I´m 18 years old and I´m from Austria. I staying in Cottenham – near Cambridge – for two weeks with Daniela and her family. I stay here with another LLE student called Estelle. We are very glad to stay with really nice family.


The family is very polite and we love to stay with them. We learnt a lot  of new vocabulary while we were here. The children (6-years old girl and 10-years old boy) talk a lot to us so we learnt to understand English child language. We felt very welcome here so our stay was better than expected.


I was really impressed when I arrived .I went upstairs and I saw my room the first time it was a ‘wow-effect’ , because the room is very big and we have our own bathroom. I have to share the accomondation with Estelle(my collegue) but there is  more  than enough space for both of us. Our bedroom looks very friendly and there are three windows so the room is nicely lit up the whole day.
But not only our bedroom is really comfortable. We live here in a big house, the sitting room as well as the dinning room are quite big.
Estelle and I have the luck that this is a house with a spacious garden, so we can stay outside whenever we want. Most of the time we have dinner in the garden. I prefer this because it is a absolutely marevllous habit.
(I have already been to a host family in England with different agency five years ago and it wasn´t a good experience. I had to stay with two other girls in a very small room and we had to share the bathroom with seven other people.)
I was extremely  glad when I saw our accommondation .


In our first lesson Daniela told us how she will teach us and if we want something to be changed we only have to inform her. We were allowed to choose the topics we prefered.
In our lessons we work from the book as well as free talk about many different topics.It is a god fun!
Daniela records our spoken texts and plays it again so we can correct our own mistakes. In this way we are able to listen to our first recording  ( the beginning of our stay) and we can see the progress we have made is extremely good . The main reason for this improvement is that we have no other possibility than speaking English all the time.
I think I improved my English very much  because of the fact that everybody around me speaks English so I began to think in English.
I have been to England twice before  but both times were  with other Austrian students. We didn´t talk to each other in English so the progress was not as good as this one.

Hi it´s Estelle here. I´m 18 years old and I´m from Switzerland.


It´s been over a week now that I´m in England and I like the food at Daniela´s home very much. We have three meals a day and we eat a lot in the morning. The breakfast consists of cereals and toast with a cup of tea and some juice. After lessons we have lunch. Most of the time we eat sandwiches but we had the possibility to get a omelets or pasta for lunch. If we are hungry in the meantime we are able to take fruits.
For the dinner Daniela cooks homemade healthy food. Every dinner was different to the others and it was delicious so we asked for the recipe not only once. We had meals like abergine, fish, chicken, pizza, pasta and many other delicious dishes.


I´m very happy because we had almost every day an excursion. One time we were in London and the other days we stayed in Cambridge.
In Cambidge we visited many different Colleges. For example the St. Johns college impressed me because it looks a bit like the Harry Potter’s college. We had many activities in Cambridge, like visiting the Botanic Garden, where we listened  to a concert, the Fritzwilliam Museum, a Shakepearepake’s Play , an indoor Swimming area, the Grand Acarde Shopping Centre and I really enjoyed the Panting tour on the river near the Universities of Cambridge.

When we went to London we had the possibility to decide what we want to visit. So we decided to go on the London Eye. At the top of London Eye we had a fantastic view of

the city. After this attraction we did a boat tour which was very exciting. We left the boat near the Big Ben so we took some awesome photos and went by bus to the Brithish Museum. The excursion to London was absolutely lovely.

Once we went ice skating an hour away from our home. It was a really good experience because we had a lot of fun with the children and I learnt how to skate without any help.




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