Oh my God, it is so difficult to write this review, because I’ve found just advantages staying here, haha.

I came to Manchester airport on the 22nd of June. Then I caught a train to York where Lois met me. That was the start of my lovely working holiday. The house is located in the village Tockwith. It is not big, but on the second day you are actually used to it. My bedroom was very comfortable, we had variety of delicious food, and atmosphere was really fantastic. Nick and Lois are very kind, sociable, you have fun, you feel comfortable with them. I stayed with Claudia – a very lovely student from Spain. We spent a lot of time together, went shopping and sightseeing. With the family we visited new places such as Bridlington, Wetherby, York, Leeds. We got experience in climing the trees;))) (http://goape.co.uk/treetopadventure) We visited unforgettable places such as cliffs at the Bridlington area, visited the seaside in Bridlington (I won’t advise you to swim there guys, the water is really cold, but you can easily moist your feet ;)) )  and Fountains Abbey which is marvelous if you like this sort of things. When me and Claudia came here the wether was VERY British. It was really cold! Buuut the third week made us happy, and the temperature was really high, something about 25-26C. We even had sun-bathing!

I came here to prepare for my TOEFL exam.  I took 20 hours per week. I’m a hard-working student so 4 hours a day were really good for me and for the rest of the day I didn’t feel alone. We talked a lot, movies, played games. Every Monday morning we went to the swimming pool and every Tuesday evening we went to salsa. We also visited a really good event on the Friday night (2nd week). Lots of people gathered together to dance salsa and bachata. It was fantastic! Nick is very found of cycling. (but ehm..it is not a very good description, he is crazy of cycling!) One evening we went cycling for a distance of 22km for an hour. He has lots of bycicles by the way. Me and Claudia very keen on the chocolate! So, we visited the chocolate museum in York! In this museum they forced us to eat lots of chocolates, make a chocolate lollipop and eat, eat, eat!

So, you know, if you want to spend a really good time in England, learn a lot of new things, visit different places, improve your English and meet fonderful people you MUST come to Nick and Lois Folkard’s house in Tolkwith!

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