Wonderful stay in Margate

I’m Alexandre, I’m 14. I’m French. I stayed for two weeks in Margate to improve my English because my level was not very nice. I was in the house of Ella and Jim and Betsy the dog.

Thanks to my lessons I learnt a lot of vocabulary. The lessons were interesting and with a lot of games which helped me to understand better some words. I had some homework but there weren’t difficult.

I didn’t have any partner so Ella found me a lot of activities. On the first day I played tennis with an English boy called Michael. That was good. Then I visited two castles, I went to Canterbury and visited Canterbury cathedral. The boys choir was beautiful. I swam two times in the sea and even befriended two English girls: one was called Elli and the other one was Sharon. Elli gave me a hug because I was French. I went to DREAMLAND: I tried a lot of rides like Helter Skelter, Jumping Pirates Boat, Swing Boat, Chair-O-Plane, Dodgems, Jumping Tower, Cyclone Twist, Big Wheel, Crazy Mouse, Airplanes, Mirror Maze and The wall of Death. My favourite rides were Crazy Mouse and Dodgems. I went to the cinema to watch Jurassic World in 3d – the dinosaurs were very scary and realistic. I visited Shell Grotto, a mysterious place covered with shells – 4.6 million!!!!  I went to the Turner Contemporary Gallery but did not like the exhibition very much. I did shopping in Westwood Cross Centre and bought presents for my family and me. I listened to a concert in Broadstairs, when it was raining and visited Charles Dickens Museum. I played mini-golf with Jim. I played board games with Ella: Chinese checkers, Twist and Drop, Four in a row. Finally I went to RAF museum and saw a cockpit, rifles, guns and ammunition. Each evening we watched films with English subtitles: Avatar, Inception, Hercules, Kung Fu Panda, Kung Fu Panda II, Skyfall, Shreck.  I like that I visited Margate. It was really nice!!

Ella cooked very well and she made a delicious cake especially for my birthday.

The tortoise (Speedy Gonzales) and the dog (Betsy) were very good friends during my stay.

Thanks a lot to Ella and Jim!DSC08043 DSC08040 DSC08055 DSC08057 DSC08074 DSC08077 DSC08084 DSC08085 DSC08086 DSC08094 DSC08100 DSC08058 DSC08107 DSC08111 DSC08116 DSC08118 DSC08127 DSC08130 DSC08119 DSC08135 DSC08140 DSC08143

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