Unforgettable stay in England

I have been welcomed very well by my host family who was very kind to me during my three weeks stay.

Maureen was my teacher 4 hours every day and that was always enjoyable to work because she chose texts and audios linked with my interests. I have improved a lot my English thanks to this stay and I’m grateful to my excellent teacher but also to her family.

I was never bored even though I couldn’t get out the first two weeks because of the quarantine. I cooked some good meals with Maureen, we also watched films, went to the centre of London to buy souvenirs and visit the Sea Life Aquarium. Moreover, we went to the V&A Museum and some beautiful parks.

The food was very nice. Maureen and Thomas are excellent cookers! That was always a pleasure to share meals with them and their daughters.

I keep such a beautiful memory of this experience and I totally recommend it.

  • United Kingdom

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