IELTS Course

Happy time in Tockwith with Nick and Lois .
Hi everyone My name is Pai , I have spent 5 months in UK . Working hard with  preparation for IELTS exam.
However I think I am the luckily guy . My teacher Nick is a person who is very kind and friendly .
When we first came here , I was unable to have a conversation with them , but they listened our speaking very patiently . Moreover I glad I have a teacher like this that teach me how to solve the problems I have had even just like my family .
In the beginning of the course , it’s really hard to keep moving on the learning of English . I alway upset with that , however Nick alway tells me something about his experience in his life ,encourages me go up step by step , Just like a father give his kid motivation , and we also rise up together day by day . One thing we must mention is Nick is a funny guy , all the thing his said is really funny so that is why I have a happy days here , The atmosphere is the same as at home .
We also have been to some places like London and Cambridge , all the time is very happy with them . In this atmosphere your English will improve very fast . In addition you could have a lot of activities here such as Go ape,  horse riding ,go hiking by the sea and you can play your own favorite sport that they will find a club for you.  You will have good section on every weekend . After that you will know some social skill then you could live in UK by yourself .
Now I am go back to China , I think I will miss them so much, they are very useful for me and my English.This has been an unforgettable experience .

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