Two weeks near London

Hi! My name is Lise and I am a 16-years-old French student. I stayed in Chingford near London during two weeks at Judie´s and Ken’s house with their two cute cats. They are very friendly, interesting and they really enjoy talking with the students and make you feel at home.

We went to London 3 times. We went on the London eye, visited Kensington Palace and Westminster abbey, saw Trafalgar square and Buckingham Palace. We also met the neighbours which permitted me to talk to new people and dicover new accents, had dinner in an Indian restaurant, did sport, did shopping in a really big shopping centre, and finally went to the making of Harry Potter which was just AMAZING !

I improved my English, learnt more vocabulary and lots of idioms which are often used in English. Lessons were interesting, we practiced a lot and did role plays.

I’ll keep in touch with my costudent, Carmen who is so nice and also with Judie.

I really enjoyed my stay and spent a good time in England, thank you !


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