Two weeks in Seaford

Hi! I am vittoria, i am sixteen and i am from Italy. I went to Seaford, a town near Brighton, in a lovely family. I have spent there two weeks with my friend Anna, from Italy too. I Think i improuved my english a lot expecially I learned Many new vocaboularies and verbs, at the begin it was a little bit difficult to understand all conversations but it became easier after some days. We have been to London for a day, our step-mother was so kind and generous so we completely decided what we would like to do in our freetime. We have been to brighton and eastbourn. We went to the cinema and also we played boowling, we visited the acquarium and we went shopping. Lessons were too interesting but one of the most things that i like was the chat with the family during our freetime, too helpful. I really enjoyed these weeks and I am hopeful to do in again

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