two weeks in Bristol

First of all, we would like to say that we spent such a wonderful time in our host family as well as in Bristol. We enjoyed being part of a British family for two weeks. We have had very good relations between us, one Austrian student and another one from Spain. Since the first day, we had freedom to discover the city. We were very happy about the fact that our host family offered us several things to do: we visited the Suspension Bridge, went to the theatre, went to Bath, did the Banksy tour and we were also allowed to join a British wedding party!!

Even though both of us are vegetarians, it was no problem for our host mother to cook us every day some tasty and delicious dishes! We enjoyed especially the homemade desserts!

We also learned new things from each other, e.g. taking a Siesta or trying Austrian desserts! These two weeks contained many different cultures, habits and adventures.

Last but not least we want to say thank you to our host family for creating us this wonderful time in Bristol!!! 🙂

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