Two fantastic weeks in Southbourne

Hi! My name is Carla Almerich Diaz, I’m seventeen years old and I’m from Mataro, a city near Barcelona. I stayed with a lovely family during my two weeks in Southbourne.

At first I was really nervous but Jane and her family made me feeling if I was at home since I entered to their house. I had a fantastic time, I got on really well with my partner Lisa, we were always laughing and having great times. We went on a lot of trips, we went  shopping in Bournemouth and we went to Oceanarium and to Splashdown, a funny aquatic park. The trip I enjoyed the most was London, we had fantastic weather, it was sunshine! In London we went to visit Coventgardens market, Buckingham Palace, Regent Street, Leicester Square and Picadilli.  Another trip was in Christchurch a really historical city and we went to Poole too. I really recomend these experience because I learnt a lot of english, our lessons were very useful but I was speaking and listening english all the time and I think it’s a fantastic way to learn the language. During our trips we did activities and we had to asked english people for some of the answers and I realized  that english people is very friendly.

In conclusion, I would say that it was a really good experience and I would like to recomend it to all of you!




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