Three weeks in Oxfordshire

My name is Reiko, I come from Japan and I am retired. I had two teachers Susan and Shan. Unfortunately when Andrew came to Sue’s house it was raining and it was continuing to rain at Shan’s house. For Sunday lunch there was Shan’s brother-in-law Malcolm, Shan and Andrew’s son Owain and his girlfriend Jill. We ate a delicious dish and dessert and I heard about their families’ interesting stories. I enjoyed. After lunch it became sunny, so we went to Grey’s Court Fete.

Shan is smaller than me, but she is a powerful woman, especially to teach English. She taught me from an excellent English book ‘Ship or Sheep?’ to improve my pronunciation, the novel ‘Holes’ and newspaper articles. She was working for all her worth, so I was interested in her classes. She volunteers to listen to my poor English, so I asked her everything. How hard she worked. I’m very lucky! First home stay to study English was fun! But it’s a mystery, is my poor English getting better or not???

I want to thank Sue and Andrew too.

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