Three weeks in Margate













Hi! My name is Sine.I am 13 and I am from Thailand.  I was three weeks in Margate with my friend Grace. We lived with Ella and her family, and their dog Rosa. Every day we had lessons, but weekends – NO!! We learned lots of grammar, spoke a lot of English, played games, had conversations. We watched movies, like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and all three Toy Story films. We liked them all very much. We also went to the cinema to see The Croods. We went to play mini-golf – that was my favourite. We also went bowling and roller-skating. We saw Deal Castle, Walmer Castle and Dover Castle. We went to Canterbury, where we saw the Cathedral, the Museum,  the Ghost Room. In the Margate Museum, we did a quiz and we both won a prize – a history book.We visited Shell Grotto in Margate.  We took Rosa the dog for walks by the sea. We went to Dicken’s House and saw the Smugglers’ museum there. It was a sunny day and we ate Italian ice-cream! We went shopping. I like the food Ella makes and Grace likes it too. .We enjoyed our stay very much!

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