Three fantastic weeks in Rushden

Hi, I am Cristina and I have been in Rushden, a little village near London. My teacher was Christopher Robb and I have been in his house for three weeks sharing time with his family. For me these three weeks have been incredible because I have had a great time, but at the same time I have learnt  a lot, not only in English but also about the culture, about the food, about different places,…

Inthe lessons I could learn more vocabulary and grammar and I could practise my listening and speaking. The best thing of this teacher is that you can learn a lot of things but in a different way because he teach you using well-known songs or tongue twisters. Then, when we finished the lessons or in the weekend we visited a lot of places such as  Warwick Castle (it was a amazing day), London (I liked it a lot and I could find presents for my family), Cambridge (this evening, I remember it like a good chance to know about the university of England) , etc.

Other point I want to remark is the food. I was afraid because everybody told me English food was horrible, I was going to lose a lot of weight,…This doesn’t happen in the house I was because I ate a lot and every time I wanted to eat they offered me everything they had in the fridge. The food was delicious!!!

The family was fantastic and the best thing is they deal you like they were your own family. I hope to stay in contact with them because I love them and I hope to see them again soon.




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