Three beautiful weeks with Ella’s family

Hello, I am Filip. I am 21. I am from the Czech Republic. I lived in this big house with Ella’s family, who are Jim, the husband, Alena and Alexandra, the girls, Tia, the dog and Speedy Gonzales, the tortoise. I spent with them three weeks and I had a lot of experience here. I visited three castles: Walmer Castle with a beautiful garden, Deal Castle and I went to Dover Castle twice because it is so big that we did not have enough time to see it in one day. Ella took me to the Charles Dickens Museum in Broadstairs, Bleak House where Charles Dickens wrote “David Copperfield” and smugglers museum.

Alena and her German friend Sofie took me to Turner Contemporary Gallery and saw the “Animals and us” exhibition. I prefer historical museums.

Jim took me to the city of Canterbury and I visited Canterbury Cathedral.

I was studying five hours a day. I came here to prepare for my exams at University. I feel that it was very good for me. I think I made a lot of progress. I had free weekends for full day excursions.

I wish to be here longer.

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