Thomas and Maxim in Redhill

Hello, we are Thomas and Maxim.  We are 14 and 13 years old.  We lived in Lyne’s house during two weeks.  We come from France and Belarus.
With Lyne, we went to London twice.  For the first time we went on the Duck Tour (the Duck Tour goes on the Thames).  We could see the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Big Ben, a part of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and we had the luck to see the Queen  at Green Park for the inauguration of a monument to Bomber Command.
After this trip we went to St Paul’s Cathedral.  We climbed to the highest point in the cathedral.  It was a very good view.  We could see all of London.  Then we had a drink in Starbucks and we came back home to watch the important football match: Italy v Germany with pizza.
The second time we visited Mme Tussauds and we saw a lot of famous actors, sports stars and politicians.  After we went to a Japanese restaurant.
We also went to Circus Wonderland and visited Tesco.
We had a lot of lessons in the morning so our English is improved.
On the TV we watched the football and Wimbledon matches.
We did a lot of sports: swimming, tennis and football in the garden.  With Stephen we did also a lot of gardening.
And thank you for giving us so much fun.

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