The best stay in Cambridge

My name is Kirill. I’m twelve years old and I’m from Russia. I’m staying in Cottenham – near Cambridge, with Daniela and her family. (I’m staying alone)


The family is kind, friendly and caring. I learnt a lot vocabulary from Andrew and Emma (who are 12 years old boy and 8 years old girl) because I  play a lot with them. I get on really well with them and we have lots of fun  ,we play water fights, computer games called PUBGmobile .I played this game with Andrew.


My room is really nice and big, and when I arrived I was really impressed because the house is big and my bedroom is  twice bigger then my last year  bedroom.(i have been with LLE last year too) In my bedroom I also have my own sofa, bathroom, fridge and desk. The garden is really big too and we’re having a great time on the swings and trampoline .


I fill that I have made a lot of progress and I’m working really hard in the lessons and outside lessons too. Daniela is a good teacher, she’s patient, kind, helpful and ambitious. She has high expectation.


I had good and healthy food and it was different all the time. Home burgers and salmon en croute were my favourite dishes.

Places that I visited

I’ve already visited many places and I’m going to tell you all about them. The first place that I have visited was Cambridge and Cambridge Colleges. I enjoy that. Next, I was visiting Anglesey Abbey, very beautiful house with amazing garden.  The third visit was London. In London I was in many places but the most important are: History Museum, Hide Park and bout trip on the river Thames . The next place that I visited was Wimple Hall ,another really big  house with farm and park. The last one is Duxford- very big museum with lots of planes. I’d enjoyed everything. I would recommend this course to young learners.


Thank you.


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