Tealing Travel Information

Welcome to Scotland

One of the four countries of the United Kingdom. You can explore here a lot and you’ll have here in Tealing in the district Angus a great time. To help you a little bit for the start here is some information.

Accent and language

Don’t worry about the accent of the Scottish people it’s a bit harder but easy to understand in approximately one or two days you won’t have a problem with that. The other thing is that the Scottish are using some other words for some things which are Gaelic which is their original language. Here a short list of words which you might hear:

Ben- mountain                           Loch- lake                    cheerio- Goodbye                              kirk- church

Alba- Scotland                            wee- little                     messages- shopping             Tip: To listen to Gaelic you can watch                                                                                                                                                         BBC    Alba which is transmitted in Gaelic.

Food& Drink

You have to know that the scottish have some special food and drinks. Firstly there is near Tealing a town called Forfar where you get Forfar Bridies which are really similar to Cornish Pasties. Then the second one is a drink with an orange colour. The name is Irnbru. Irnbru is a really sweet energy drink which you can buy ONLY in Scotland. At least the haggis. Don’t worry about that. Haggis is with mashed potatoes and peas nice for lunch and has a lovely spicy taste.


The currency in Scotland is the Scottish Pound which is similar to the British pound. The British pounds are also accepted. So no reason to wonder if you get back some interesting coloured money. To that an additional information: In Scotland every bank is allowed to print their own money so don’t  panic if you have different looking money with the same amount.

Clothes& Weather

Scotland can be nice sunny and warm but it might be rainy and cold. It is important to have a waterproof jacket and good waterproof shoes. Remember you’re not in the city and Tealing is lovely to explore by foot. Another point is don’t trust the weather report. They try to tell you how the weather might be on the next day. It’s easier and has a better effect to look out of the window in the morning. And have a second plan if the weather is too bad.

I hope I have helped you with the article and hope you’ll enjoy your visit to one of the most beautiful countries across the UK. And remember: Lay back, relax and keep cool (that is often easy with the rainy and cold weather.)


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