My name is Pierrick Gilibert. I come from France near Geneva.

I have spent 3 weeks in Wallingford with Shan’s family. I have learnt  a lot about history by visiting places of interest and by reading about history in lessons. I have learnt interesting vocabulary for example about “time” or “conflict and solution”. I’ve improved my writing with a daily journal of my stay. We also have done a lot of grammar and literature. I even wrote about Shakespeare’s play, “Henry V” which we watched on TV.

I’ve visited lots of places: Oxford (walking tour of the Oxford Colleges and the Castle), London, Henley-on-Thames, the Ashmolean and the Natural History Museum, … Best of all were the Living Rainforest and Cotswold Wildlife Park and Garden. It’s a big zoo with a lot of animals. We were in the lemurs enclosure where one lemur was exploring a wheelchair. When it jumped on the wheel, the chair moved and the lemur had a shock! =)

This week, I went to two barbecues. It was a lot of fun!



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