The best student on my course.

I like to study English in England because is the best possibility to improve the language living in the English culture and in contact with the English people. I hope I’ll have more possibility to live in this country in my future. I have a nice experience with the family where I lived and I advice the other student to stay with Kate and Peter in St. Albans.

Pippo at Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Pippo at Shuttleworth Shuttleworth Shuttelworht Shuttleworth

A week in St. Albans


My name is Alba, I’m from Spain and I’ve spent one week is St. Albans with Kate and her lovely family. It has been an amazing experience, living abroad, meeting different people and trying different and delicious food.

St . Albans is a nice and quiet place to learn English. Peter showed me and told about the city history, He’s a fantastic guide.

During this week Kate has given me the chance to visit some pubs, go to the theatre and meet local people to practise my English. We went also to visit Rothamsted, an importante research station where I practised my scientific language with researchers.  I met two scientists and we will keep in touch.

IMGP8382 Spanish leather wall covering Kate and me Playing darts (5) Visiting Rothamsted With Hannah and Thiebault

A wonderful week in St. Albans


I’m Marie, from Switzerland. I had the chance to spend one week in the pretty city of St. Albans with Kate and Peter’s very welcoming family.

I went to England to improve my English and to prepare for the TOEFL exam. I had lessons every day with Kate, an excellent teacher. We trained for this exam and she gave me a lot of useful advice. I’m now very confident for it.

During this week, I visited some lovely places in England like London, Cambridge, St. Albans… I went there with Kate and Peter who are very fascinating guides. These excursions were amazing and I learnt a lot from them.

I also discovered the English culture by having great times with the family.  We also went out into pubs for a typical evening quiz and for the Halloween party: many thanks to Hannah and Thiebault! I saw the new James Bond movie, listened to a concert, spoke to local people. All these experiences were so interesting!

I stayed there only one week and it was too short but I will never forget this wonderful week!

Thanks you so much for everything!

Buckingham_Palace Dinner P1080236 Hannah's and Thiebault's Hallowe'en pumpkin lamp P1080241 Kings College Cambridge P1080243 Newton's window and apple tree, Trinity College The_Tower_of_London_-_with_the_Beefeater

Having lessons with excellent teacher in St. Albans

I think that learning English  with Kate and Peter was the best way to improve my English and discover real English life.

During my lessons, Kate taught me a lot of information, explanations, special wordings etc. concerning each issue, for example education, school, college, history, politics and journalism. So I could understand them on a deeper level. Also she and Peter’s family offered me various kinds of the experiences through their real activities, food at home, concert at the church,  darts game in the local pub, excursions to London and Cambridge and playing golf in St Albans. Cambridge was the place that impressed me most.

Kate gave me some useful advice how to learn English after coming back to Japan.

I recommend all of you to take the Living Learning English course.


3rd October 2012   Masako Iwasaki

Geffrye Museum Peter and Kate and Mako in The Robin Hood Pub Newnham College Cambridge Tea Ceremony Raclette Dinner

Eating chocolate cake in St Albans

Hi !

Our names are Ivy and Elise, we are 17 years old. We have been here for two weeks. I’m Ivy, I come from Hong-Kong, I’ll study in England, in Eastbourne. I’m Elise, I live in France and I’m here to improve my English language for my future career and I will go back on Friday 24th. We arrived on Sunday 12th at Kate’s home.

This English Experience was very AMAZING. These two weeks were very great, Kate and her family were very friendly ! The course was very interesting and instructive, not nice because “nice is boring“. During our Freetime, we met many welcoming people. The activities were incredible ! Such as London, Cambridge, Eastbourne, Harry Potter tours, Wimpole and many parties !

We lived two very unforgettable weeks ! Thanks to you Kate for your teaching and for introducing us to your, “If you think you can, you can !xx

P1050910 (12)   P1060081 (2) Kings College Bridge P1060086 (2) P1060021 P1050881 P1050876 P1050729 St Paul's Cathedral  P1050724.2 Ivy and Elise at the Harry Potter Experience


Amazing holidays in St.Albans

I really enjoyed my holidays in England, especially in St.Albans. I spent lovely time here. I was with Kate 3 weeks and I met interesting people, such as my spanish partner Julia and lots of Kate’s amazing friends.

On the first saturday we had Peter’s birthday party. WOW! It was incrediable. The house was full of people and the atmosphere was unbelievable, We talked with everybody all the evening, but it was good fun.

Besides that, we visited Ely Cathedral. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cathedral in the world. I didn’t realise that it is so large. So, I was impressed with it.

On the second week, we drove to Cambridge University. I could not imagine that Cambridge is such a historic and amazing town. I had a brilliant time there, So, now I’d like to stud in Cambridge. “If you can, you can. If you can’t, you’re right”. (Henry Ford). I hope I’ve passed my exam and I will have an opportunity to study there. Fortunatly, the weather was perfect all 3 weeks ad we could visit everything we want.

Moreover, we were in London, at a mini music festival and we tried indian food with Julia. It was my first experience. I’m not really fond of indian food. But “live as if you will die tomorrow, learn as if you will live forever”. So, I did my best and tried to have as many new experience as I can.

And last, but not least, we visitd the “Harry Potter tour”. It is a studio with every set which was in the films. In fact, all parts of “Harry Potter” were produced iver 10 years. I think, it is such a long time. I was like a 7 year old child, who saw the magic. I liked it a lot. I look forward to visit it again next time. INCREDIBLE place!!!

To sum it up, I’d like to say tjat I had a perfect opportunity to improve my english. I’ve learnt from my brilliant host family about british culture and lots of interesting facts. Kate and Peter are very friendly and kind. They made my holidays more colourful and unforgettable!

Peter's 64th birthday

Hi, I’m Julia from Spain and I’m 17.

I was studying English in Kate’s house for 3 weeks with Kseniya, my Russian partner. I was living in St Albans with Kate Irving and her husband Peter.

Kate’s family is very friendly and since the first moment I felt really comfortable with them. They were always talking with us and it helped me to improve my listening and of course my speaking too. In every moment I felt welcome in that house. They cared about our necessities and they always wanted to help us when we asked about how to go to some place, how to do something or just explaining to me that weird word that I didn’t understand. The food was lovely and the dinner time a good moment to stay all together.

We visited a lot of places, doing different activities, like a tour around London with Peter, visiting Ely, going to Cambrige, seeing the Harry Potter Studios, going to a concert… Kseniya and me usually went to London once per week to go shopping or visiting museums. I visited the Olympic Park too and I could see in these 3 weeks the Olympics’ Spirit, because every day we were following team GB and their medals.

I met a lot of Kate and Peter’s friends in differents moments or just knocking on the doors to introduce ourselves and improve our speaking and listening with different peolple. I learnt a lot of things about the English culture and the British people in every moment that I spent in St Albans.

I don’t want to forget to mention Barbara and Joanne, my other 2 teachers who were fantastic people too.

Of course I recommend this course to everyone who would like to know the English culture and language and I’m sure that I won’t forget this fantastic 3 weeks with this incredible family.



P1050195.1 (3) Julia went to the Olympic Park at Stratford P1050306.9 Newnham College

max and fabio in st albans

Hello , my name is Maxime , I am fifteen years old and I come from France . I really need to improve my English and I love this language . During two weeks , I have been with Kate and Peter’s family who are part of living learning english . During these two weeks , I visited and learned a lots of interesting things , like at London : Big Ben , London Eye , the Apple Store , hamley store , Oxford street etc … I met a lots of cool people during some specials events like a wedding and some concerts . I passed two really good weeks thanks to Kate’s family and I think I’ll maybe live in the UK later in my life .


Hello ,my name is Fabio, I m fifteen years old and I really enjoyed this two weeks at Kate s home in St.Albans. I came in England in order to improve my English ,speaking a lot with my holiday family. We went to London twice and we really enjoyed it ,seeing a lot of interesting museums and monuments . I had fun playing snooker in the centre and going shopping in town . We met some of Kate s friends introducing myself  to them. The home was very comfortable and all the family interacted with me . It was a great experience ,and  I learnt lots of things .

My stay in St.Albans

Hello,my name is Grygoriy and I’m 14.I’m from Ukraine.I came to England to improve my English.I was staying in St.Albans for one week.In the family I was “an only child” because their son has moved house.Everyday was special and I liked it.Every day we had lessons in the morning,then we went on excursions.We were at Stamford Bridge,Wembley,Duck Tour and we saw the Olympic torch coming through St.Albans.Also,I played FIFA on the PlayStation with their son Joe.We went to the cinema to watch Spider-Man 3.It was great!At the weekend  the family showed me Oxford,to see the colleges.

So,I had a great time in St.Albans!

Sabrina and Irisha in St Albans

Hello! We are Sabrina and Irisha, we’re 15 and we’re from Italy and Belarus.

These two weeks have been really amazing! We have been in St. Albans, 30 km from London, at Kate and Peter’s house. This family really helped us improving our English for our future, talking to us, letting us know a lot of people and letting us be part of their lives.

We went out for visiting places like London, Cambridge, the zoo, the Harry Potter Tour and the city; and also we went to the cinema. Kate is a great teacher and Peter is a very good guide. We also met all the family and friends, and they are really kind. We really enjoyed these two weeks; and we hope that one day we can come here again and keep working on our English.