My stay in St Albans

Hi, I’m Shino from Japan. I’ve learned English for two weeks in St Albans! Before I came to St Albans, I thought that staying in my teacher’s home and learning English for two weeks would be much longer and harder….so part of me was worried. But now, I can’t believe that I’ve stayed just two weeks! I mean, thanks to my teacher, Jeannette, I experienced many kinds of things and spent a great time with a lot of people. London is very close by and I visited Cambridge with another teacher and her student there were four of us. So I chatted a lot. Of course, I improved my English skills. These two weeks were more wonderful and enjoyable than I’ve ever had!! I wished I could have stayed longer… I’ll be back any


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Amaia in St Albans

I spent two weeks in Kate Irving’s home. She lives with her husband, Peter, who is a very lovely person. The house is in St. Albans which is a very interesting town very near London (you can get to London in 20 minutes by train).Kate is a very good teacher and she is very flexible in how you like doing the classes. I was very amused in my staying because they (Kate and Peter) have a very friendly life. During my two weeks with them we visited Cambridge; we went to two concerts in a church in St. Albans and, after that, we went to a pub with their friends. One evening they invited some friends to have dinner at home and the friends’ Spanish student came as well. Another evening we went to their children’s home to have dinner and another day we were in a neighbour’s house to have dinner too. We spent one evening watching and playing darts.I had the possibility to meet many different people and in my opinion this is very important to improve your English.

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My days in London

My name is Livia and I’m 24 years old. I come from Livorno, in Italy. I had to improve my English language for future work. This course is a really full immersion in English language. I stayed in London for a month, so I had an intensive experience. For the first two weeks I stayed at Roger’s home and then other two weeks at Sharon’s home. Both of the families are very nice. I had the possibility to visit many beautiful places in London: I think that I’ve seen all the city! But I also studied a lot!! I hope to go back to London! Thanks!! Best wishes!!


Things I have learnt about English and the English

– If you want to walk outside in the rain you will probably be offered an umbrella but not necessarily the company of your host. – in the opinion of my host’s mother, I chose the wrong family as she has been speaking English much longer than my teacher.


Al principio tenia muchas dudas porque mi ingles es muy pobre, pero una vez aqui, Martin me ha ayudado mucho en todo momento, no solo en sus clases sino durante todo el dia, un proferor 24h. Me he sentido como en casa! Me han tratado muy bien y he podido conocer y aprender muchisimas cosas. Ha sido una experiencia maravillosa!

English training in Bath

My name is Renate and I come from Germany. I stayed in Bath at Sarah Rees home from 11.10.2009 to 18.10.2009. To improve my English with the help of “Living Learning English” was one of my best decisions in my life. The individual, one to one training was very good for me to improve my English knowledge. I also liked very much the various creations of the lessons. Also the discussions with Sarah’s husband and her two daughters helped me, to loss my inhibitions in speaking. In addition the sightseeing tour in Bath and the hiking tour around Bath made this week to an unforgettable time for me. Thank you very much Sarah!!!

My stay in Bath with Sarah Rees 2011.

I stayed in Bath with the Rees family from May to June 2011.
They were all very nice and kind with me.
I enjoyed a lot the lessons with Sarah, it was very fun, interesting and I moved up from Upper Intermediate to Advanced very easily.
She showed me around Bath and we went to very interesting places like The Roman Baths, The Jane Austen Museum, The Georgian House and visited great places like Hay where we went to the Book Festival, Chichester, and Stonehenge (my favourite!).
I had an amazing time with Sarah and her family.
And Bath is a very beautiful and interesting place, it has a lot of places to go: museums, coffee shops, stores and nice parks where you can have relaxing walks and beautiful views.
I’d really like to go back to Bath someday and definitely stay with the Rees family again!
Thank you for your hospitality. I will never forget this amazing experience!!
Ana Torres.

Review of my stay in Bath

I very much enjoyed my stay in Bath near Bristol in October 2005. The family I stayed with was very nice and hospitable. Although I only stayed for one week, I improved by Business English a lot. Besides studying Business English I had the chance to explore Bath and the area with my teacher and by myself. People I met were very friendly and polite.

My visit to England to learn English from Japan

Since I sometimes need to speak English at my working place in Japan, I decided to learn more English in England. And that was a wonderiful experiance for me to stay at a beautiful stonehouse of Codswolds, having lessons and talking about life of England with a native English teacher . Besides that, I could visit several pretty villages in Codswolds where I really wanted to go. I think that was a great opportunity and I would like to do it again.

My trip to Sandwich

Hello my name is Domnin and my surname is Bureau.
I live in Paris.
I go to the Sandwich in the family English.
I visite Canterbury Cathedral.
I go to the cinema. It’s a film in the dolphin. I like dolphin.
I go to the swimming pool. There are a slides and waves and loved it.And I see three horses. They are Alex, Piccolo and Joey.Some are big and some are small. I like the horses and lots of walks.
I play with the dog. His name is Bertie and he likes jumping.
I go to the birthday party and ate lots of cake and sang Happy Birthday. Every day I have three hours of English Class. I liked my English and I liked my English teacher Cathie a lot.