excellent course and family

my teacher Dave, Carmela & I.

I’m from Moscow.18 years old. It was my first experience learning english in UK. I didn’t want to go to school in London, so I was finding offers from families. And finally my choice was David Kellaway.

To tell the truth, I wasn’t sure that it will be very interesting journey for me. But, when I came to David’s home, I felt enjoyed every day. All family members are kind, friendly and careful. Their house is comfortable and well-equipped. I had a large bright room and my own bathroom with toilet. Also I had a good Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Next day Carmela showed me Britain museum. It was inspiring. Of course, I want to say about our meal. We ate three times. A food was delicious and various. We always talked a lot at the table, discuss different national traditions, news and London sights. I had 5 hours lessons every day. It was rather challenging and interesting. Also I had a home-task, but a spare time were enough too.

After two weeks I’m sure that my english level has been improved. I like tuitions with David and actually recomend to try it yourself.


Learning and having fun at once!








We are mother and daughter, and had a wonderful new year holidays in London.

Carol and Ahmet was great host family, who were very friendly and kind. Both of them cook delicious meal!

They took us to the pub on new year’s eve, Windsor castle on weekend, and museum and market