Raquel and Florida London

Our names are Raquel and Florida and we are two students from Spain and Russia. Our teacher was Eileen Bracey. We enjoyed the time that we spent in England. We have learnt a lot of new words, expressions, idioms, grammar rules… etc. We have improved our English skills very much. We were also pleased with our activities, for example, going to see a musical, our visit to London, Chichester, Winchester, Petersfield, Midhurst and Arundel. The family was very warm and friendly. We liked the food they cooked for us. It was the best experience of our lives!

My 4 weeks in England

Hello, my name is Ann. I’m 16 years old and I’m from Ukraine. I’ve been to England for 4 weeks. First 2 weeks I spent in London with the Uku family. They live 15 minutes by the tube from the centre of London. That’s why, I’ve visited a lot of interesting places such as London Eye, Madame Tussaud’s Museum, London Aquarium, M & M World, Harrods. I enjoy my staying in London because the family was friendly and kind. I made friends with my teacher’s (Laura’s) daughters. We spent a lot of time chatting, watching TV, listening to music, discussing some topics. My room was lovely, nice and aqua (Laura’s favourite colour is aqua so everything in her house is aqua). At the first part of my day, I had lessons with Laura. At her lessons I discovered lots of new things about English traditions, education, history, government. After lessons we usually went shopping or on excursions or visited her relatives (I met so many people, and they are all nice). I enjoyed my staying with this family. I hope I’ll come back.

Last two weeks I spent with the family, which I’ve known since last year. We became really good friends. In Melinda’s family, I really feel, that I am part of this family. They live in a country area, so it’s calm and quiet. I enjoy my staying in Hordle, because I like this family. They are very attentive, friendly, – they’re the best family! There are 4 people in the family: Melinda (my teacher), her husband Franco and their children Rebecca and Emilio. But the children don’t live here because they are grown up. But they often come back. And they are really lovely, I like them very much. In the first part of a day we had lessons. They were interesting and I discovered lots of new things. The other part of a day we spent going to The New Forest, to barbecue parties with friends, on a beach, to the Titanic Museum, to Stonehenge, sometimes we were cooking and baking – and it was really fun! I like their food, because Melinda and Franco every day cook something different and tasty. Also I cooked for them our Ukrainian traditional Borsch.

So girls, boys and your parents, Living Learning English is very useful for your English. And I think it’s also improve your speaking and your knowledge about English traditions. You’ll make a lot of friends and sometimes you become really good friends. So don’t worry and try something new!


One week in London

Hello !! I am Agnes and I come from France.

I am in London for one week in a family. It is beautiful and my teacher is very good !

In London I have seen The Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the House of parliament, Trafalgar Square and Westminster Cathedral. And I went in a boat on the Thames, Camdrige, London Eye and shopping in Oxford Street !!!

I go back tomorrow but my visit here is great !

Two weeks in London

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’ve had a wonderful 2 weeks studying English in London. My teacher Maria was so nice and she took care of me very well.

We went to Greenwich on a sunny day, it is a nice place, and we enjoyed to visit museums as well.

It was good that she always corrected my mistakes when I spoke which is very useful for my future.

The busiest 2 weeks!

Mom(71-year-old) and I(44) stayed Carol and Ahmet’s house for 2 weeks.We had class in the morning, and in the afternoon, we went out to London everyday!Their house is close to the tube station. Only 2 minutes walk! Carol always advised us the best route to our destination.The museums in London are really amazing! We needed another 2 weeks to see them all. The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Courtauld Gallery, the Tate Modern…I can’t wait to go back London!