One day in Edinburgh

My name is Violaine. I’m 16 years and I’ve been living to Scotland for two weeks in Carole’s house with Irina.

Last Sunday, we went to Edinburgh so I’m going to describe this city and which activities we did.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. It is divided in two parts: the new town and the old town. In the middle, it used to be a river but now there is a big park.

In the new town, you can find lots of shops as H&M, Top shop… In the old town, you can visit the famous Edinburgh castle: it’s a military castle with many cannons situated on an extinct volcano.

Next to the castle, there is a big stadium with lots of flags of countries. It’s where the Edinburgh festival takes place. This festival is in August, and it offers  theatres, art, sports, music… People come from all over the world to see this show.

If you want to buy typical presents of Scotland, there are many traditional shops with whisky, tartan,  and cashmere clothes… In the street, some people play bagpipes with the Scottish costume. (kilt).

In the old town, there are the National Art Gallery and Camera Obscura: it’s a science museum which deals with illusions. In this unusual museum, you can find pictures in 3D, activities to play with illusions or electricity, distorted mirrors, a big labyrinth of mirrors, and finally a show where you can see the best 360 views of Edinburgh. There is an interactive activity where you have to go through a rotating tunnel. This museum is well adapted for children.

To my mind, Edinburgh is a really pretty city and it was very interesting and funny to see men in kilts.

I think if you must go to Edinburgh and you will have a very good excursion.