3 amazing weeks in the north-east of England

I studied English in the north-east of England, the area of Cumbria. The place where a lot of beautiful lakes. I lived in the countryside in a large home of Caroline’s Cowan family. I met Caroline family, children, parents, sister, her husband and her friends. This is a very friendly, intelligent, versatile, interesting people and it was very great to talk to them. We have a lot of walking with Caroline, in this stunning natural location, next to small cozy English town, near the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, where we went on a tour. I had a comfortable room with a great view from the window, Caroline excellent cook, I tried a lot of new dishes, met with the British way of life and traditions. Caroline is very attentive and caring teacher, It was nice and interesting to deal and talk with her, I would be pleased to meet with her again if I will have the opportunity.
I want to thank the school living learning english for good organization and good training.