Holaa mi nombre es Hector Martinez tengo 17 años y soy español. Os escribo esto desde Cardiff en el sur de UK . Llevo aqui ya tres semanas y esta es la primera vez que escribo en Español desde que llegue asi que Sorry por las posibles faltas y tal. Lo primero que quiero decir es que  me lo estoy pasando genial aqui. Que no os preocupes por eso que se dice de que si Los ingleses son mas frios pk para nadaa.  Y la comida ? Pues  genial , la unica cosa asi distinta es que de comida pues  aveces sandwich

One week in Cardiff


Definitely fantastic. I only spent a week in Cardiff with my teacher Kathryn and her husband Huw. Cardiff is a really nice city. You only need 20 minutes walking from the house’s teacher to city centre, fairly close. Kathryn showed me the Castle, Millennium stadium, National museum and the Bay. My course had 30 hours in one week, so it was an intensive and hard week. I had the chance to brush up on my knowledge of English and I learnt lots of new tools for business. About the family, only one comment: Absolutely homely, patient, open-minded and with a very good sense of humor.  I am looking forward to having another chance like this.

Cheer up!!.Cardiff is waiting for you.

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A three weeks stay in Cardiff



I really enjoyed this stay in the UK and I think that I have improved my english a lot and reached my objectives. Rhian, my teacher was patient and helpful. The whole family was very kind and welcoming. They took me to a lot of very nice places like the millennium stadium or Cardiff bay. I did also a lot of activities, I rode a horse on the beach, cable skiing and I went to an attraction park called Oakwood. I ate many specialities of the country and learned a lot about the welsh culture. The house was pretty with a beautiful view of the sea, and I had my own bed room.