Lovely stay in the New Forest

My name is Yuk Yi and I come from Hong Kong. I’m going to boarding school in September. To make better my English I stayed with Alison and her family in her house near Fordingbridge in the New Forest. My stay was 6 weeks. This was my first time in England. I had a very fun time. We visited Salisbury, Southampton, Portsmouth, Longleat Safari Park, Paulton’s Park, Windsor, Oxford, Brighton and London. I went swimming and went to the gym every week and I went horse riding.

We saw many swans in Windsor
We saw many swans in Windsor
Me and Alison at Eton
Me and Alison at Eton

Ali cooked yummy food, especially fish which I like. She let me cook noodles. We bought them in a Chinese supermarket.

I liked the Go Carts with Harry
I liked the Go Carts with Harry

Natascha, Charlotte and Harry were funny. I went with Harry to a theme park and I went swimming with Charlotte.

The lessons were very interesting. I learned many things. Sometimes we played games.

In Trafalgar Square
In Trafalgar Square
Me at Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Staying Near London

Hello, my name is Kyoko. I’m from Japan. I’m 11 years old. This is my first time in England. I stayed with Lyne and Stephen Rolph and it was a very nice time. One day I went to London and I saw “Mamma Mia”. It is a musical. It was very funny. I like this musical and I want to look this one more time. This homestay is my first time but it was a lot of fun. I think I don’t forget this time! And i want to go to England with my family.


This two weeks that I have spent here have been one of my best expiriences in my short life. I’ve enjoyed a lot all the days and the excurions were so interesting and amusing. Morover, I know that my english level has improved a lot, and I feel good about that because I know I? haven’t wasted my time. I would reccomend this expirience to all my firends. Thank you livinglearninenglish and thank s to the family who has recived me in their house.

Four amazing weeks in oxford

Hello. This is Mikhail. I come from Russia. I’m 17. I stayed in Oxford for 4 weeks. I had 4 hours of lesson each day. My teacher was very qualified.  Our lessons were very interesting and fascinating. My English has improved much. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and constructions. I had many interesting conversations with my host family. For our meals I tried a lot of different food, prepared by Elaine. I also learned how to prepare some such as baking bread and preparing panna cotta.

I had many interesting afternoon activities like visiting museums, watching films in the cinema and cycling. I also went to London twice and to Thorpe park (a theme park near London). For the 3 weeks I lived with a boy from Spain. I spend a lot of great times with him improving my language. Thanks Tilley family and Living Learning English.

Good course in Gloucestershire

My name is Stefano and I am from France. I have been at Bullo house in gloucestershire for 2 weeks and must say that I will miss it when I’ll come home. The Family is really nice and always available for games or activities. The courses are interesting and not overwhelming. You do have some homework but they only take you about half an hour and really improve your skills and knowledge. If you are hesitating about coming, stop thinking and come! you won’t regret this

Do you want to meet Braveheart?

Hi, my name is Joan and I’m from Barcelona. I did a 3 week Living Learning English course in Scotland and it has gone really quickly because there are lotsof thnigs you can do here in Tealing. You can play tennis in a nice tennis court, you can play  table tennis, you can relax, you can swim, you can go for a walk, if you like walking this is your place.

However, the most awesome thing about Scotland is the scenery; when you go north you find less people, less houses, less villages and it all becomes really amazing: wild rivers in the middle of forests, squirrels, deer, dogs, lots of different types of birds and more animals. If you like animals, this is your place.

Edinburgh, the capital is also a really nice city. It is the perefct size (it’s quite small compared to other cities). The best time to come is in August because of the Edinburgh festival. Although I must warn you that the city becomes really crowded, it’s still nice. Lots of sightseeing: the castle, the Scottish parliament,…

It is a good place to visit and it really looks like New Zealand, so…What are you waiting for!

Review David Rodríguez

I have been for four weeks in  The midlands. England. It has been a fantastic experience. My Family, which has been very lovely, lives in Cannock district, hednesford, near to Cannock chase forest. It is a really really beatuful place, and everybody has been very friendly with me .

I should say a important thing. In a month, you won’t be bilingual, but you wil improve a lot. It is a perfect immersion. I recomend this to everybody.

We have visited so many places, such as,  The Black Country museum, which is a little village about the coal miner’s lifes, or Lichfield, which has a beautiful cathedral, anothers. I have been very busy,jejeje.

I have been studing  for three hours, five days in a week (all mornings). It was very hard, but I believe, it is necessary.

I had never thought, that the time could be spent as fast. From my opinion, I think, It has been absolutly perfect.


David rodriguez

My 3rd trip to England.

JasperimageMy 3rd trip to England.

I really enjoyed it. We went to Bristol, twice to London,to Madame Tussaud’s museum, to the London Eye, to Windsor castle, to the swimming pool, to the horses, to the cinema.
At my host family lives mother Donna, father Peter, daughter Charlotte, son Andrew, and very funny and cute dog Jasper. They are all very friendly, beautiful and fun.
My partner’s name is Lucia, she is from Spain and 14 years old. She is nice and we became friends.
I enjoyed when we were walking with Jasper in the morning and playing games, because we were talking a lot. I think that talking is the best language practice.
My two dreams came true. One of them was to visit the Madame Tussaud’s museum, and other was to visit the London Eye.
Songs that will always be associated with this trip : John Legend – All Of Me, Ed Sheeran – Sing, Rixton – Me And My Broken Heart. I will miss you. I promise that I will come again.
It was my best trip to England, thank you.
Polina xx

Clara & Laura in Bristol

Hi everyone!

Clara : 17 years old, Madrid, Spain.Second time in the UK

Laura: 16 years old. Geneva, Switzerland. First time in the UK.

We spent two weeks in the centre of Bristol with Lesley. The house is really nice and big (with garden too!). We really felt like at home and the whole  family was very friendly . The lessons in the morning went quickly because they were very interesting and helped us a lot to improve our English (especially the speaking, listening and reading to improve our vocabulary). In the afternoon we had a lot of free-time  which we used to visit Bristol. Shopping was very good and we have no money left! We did a nice trip to Bath and we visited a lot of museums with Lesley. All the meals were excellent and don´t worry if you eat a lot you won´t be hungry ! The rooms are very nice and they have all the facilities that you need. The residential  area is very nice and quiet. We loved exploring the city by ourselves and the weather was better than we thought it would be. Doing the everyday activities with the family is a very good way to learn about British culture.

This trip was a perfect combo of having fun, meeeting new poeple, learning English and growing up!

We would really recommened this type of course for any kind of student.

Some photos of our trip:

(Dressing up it´s not compulsory)


P1090751 P1090762

Love from,

Clara and Laura.