My name is Luis and I’m from Spain,

I stayed in a family in Tockwith, North Yorkshire. My family was fantastic and I spend a really good time with them as we did lots of things together. I was also sharing family with a fantastic Belarusian boy called Zhenya. We got on very well together because we were all day laughing, and we were happy because our English parents were fantastic; we saw the Tour de France in its first stage, we visited a chocolate museum and another about military planes from the Second World War. We also visited York as it is a historic city from the roman times and we did the most important thing: learning a lot of English. We also went to Whitby, which is on the coast, and we enjoyed delicious fish and chips before going the next day for a 100km bicycle around Yorkshire. Of course we had to train a lot for doing that but then we did a very good time with a high average speed. Before that we went to Go Ape for climbing trees. It was exciting. Lois and Nick, my English parents have a very beautiful garden and they love caring for it as it is wonderful with lots of flowers, you just can’t believe it until you see it. They also harvest things in the garden so we can eat natural products such as lettuce, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and courgettes and more things. Nick also loves cycling and it is very clever, as he knows lots of things about biology, he loves biology. Lois loves painting and reading.

I recommend this family,