Memorable time in Tockwith with Nick and Lois!!!

It’s easy to feel that I am at Home because I had the best English parents. Among other things, I met them in Minsk, Belarus ( my motherland ) in May. They were invited to visit Minsk by Irisha who is my lovely friend. She was really struck a wonderful time spent with Nick and Lois. So Irisha strongly advised to come to Folkard’ family. You can read Irisha’s review here ➡️ I can say that my friend was absolutely right! I tried a lot of traditional and just very tasty food like salads, gooseberry pie, Indian food like curry, Chinese food, pasta and so on. My teacher was Nick and I assure you as well as a master cooker he is a nice skillful teacher. He improved my speaking: when we had a conversation in Minsk I couldn’t speak with him and was becoming sweaty but now it’s much better deal.
Tockwith is located near York – the town of Yorkshire. I hadn’t known that it’s a motherland of KitKat!! I had a chance to make my own chocolate. York is a very beautiful city with a lot of historical places. Also we visited an aircrafts museum that was interesting because they have some exhibits where you can sit and push different buttons. It was the first time when I was eating fish and chips. Before we were in a Go Ape climbing on the trees and slid down zip wire.
Everything I shared with my new friend from Santander, Spain Luis. His is a funny boy. We got on well together and found a lot of things in common. I think we will be forever friends and whenever meet again.
The main activity was cycling. I did about 500km in 4 weeks! Luis and me joined North Yorkshire Cycling club.
The house is very comfortable and also Nick and Lois have the best garden I’ve ever seen. I think that I found my role model of ideal garden.
We are going to keep our bonds and make them closer.

Fantastic and unforgettable as always!

Our homestay in York

My Name is Monika. I´m in my late forties and I’m living in Liechtenstein. This was the first time that I had convinced my husband Bruno (who´s the same age) to do a homestay as a couple. We booked a one week homestay from the 27th of December near York in Nick´s and Lois´s house. Both of them are very kind. professional, well organized and prepared, but also very flexible teachers. It was a pleasure to live in their nice, neat and tidy and cosy house. We enjoyed every single day. The classes were very interesting, never boring, and often extremely entertaining. They taught both of us (my husband is a beginner, I am an advanced student) at the same time but in different rooms. …….We went sightseeing to “Fountains Abbey”, the old medieval City of York, visited the viking museum,….We also visited a classical concert in Leeds, had a special farewell dinner in a typical victorian restaurant,….The only thing was that I suffered from health problems. Nick gave me the best support. He took me to the hospital, bought some medicine, accompanied me to a physiotherapist. He even tried to catch up the missed lessons.

As in my 4 previous homestays (Guildford, Marlow, Woodbridge, Torquey) which I did as a single person, LLE is a company which I can highly recommend. They take care of their clients. Their service is unique and until now all homestays have been excellently organised. Congratulations!