My stay in Windsor

I’m French and I’m 14 and I was 2 weeks in Windsor in Donna Butler’s house.  We go 3 times to London – we visited Wimbledon, St. Pauls, Madame Tussauds, Windsor Castle, Eton College, The Science Museum, Natural History Museum.  Went to see Non-Stop at the cinema and to the pub for lunch

It was great and very interesting this 2 weeks.

our stay in windsor

july 2013 017



We are Lucie and Sonya, we are 13 & 12.We are from France and Russia. We stayed here for 2 weeks.We lived in Donna’s house with her dog, Jasper, with her daughter Charlotte, her son Andrew and with Donna’s husband, Peter. They are lovely. We went to different places such as London,Bristol…

We have been twice to London. We saw Big Ben, The London Bridge, We went to M&M’s World, to Hamley’s…And We have been to Madam Tussaud’s Museum, it is amazing!  We recommend you to visit THE CHAMBER OF HORRORS AND SCREAM, because we were really screaming and it was sooo scary !!!

We also went to :  Eton College, Windsor Castle, Bristol , Legoland, 2 swimming pools , a Polo match, and we cooked brownies.

The English lessons were really interesting, and we recommend this course to other people because it is really good for learning English and it is very exciting, sometimes surprising, and funny !!

Our Trip to Windsor

We are Carlota from Spain and Lisa from Ukraine we are 12 and 13 years old.  We enjoyed our trip it was really fun we did lots of things which we really liked and enjoyed – we have been in London 3 times and saw alot of interesting things like – Big Ben, London Eye, Regent Street (Hollister and Hamleys), Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square,The Science Museum where we went on the flying simulator  which was real fun.  We also went to the British Museum, M&M World and Harrods.

We saw the  soldiers and Windsor Castle.  We went to the cinema to see Snow White and the Huntsman

We went on picnics at Virginia Water and Saville Gardens with the dogs in the water it was really nice

We went to Thorpe Park – it was amazing and awesome, they were the greatest rides.

We also had classes and played games.

The family was really fun and we really enjoyed doing things with the family.  We had a really nice time!