My week in Wallingford

My father drove me to Wallingford.When he left me at Shan and Andrew’s house I felt nervous and anxious but Shan and I went to Wittenham Clumps.There was a beautiful panoramic view of Oxfordshire. After that I felt a little less stressed.

I have enjoyed this week. The lessons were interesting and fun. I soon felt at ease. I learnt a lots of things about Christ Church and the real Alice before my visit to Oxford. It is an old and mysterious city. Visiting the colleges was fascinating. When we went to Henley where I saw a veteran car rally at Phyllis Court Club. Yesterday I went shopping with an English girl who is called Annie..

I have eaten some delicious English food including fish and chips, a cream tea at Stephen and Rose’s home and birthday cake at Alan’s party. Tonight I’m going to Bunkfest, a festival of folk music and dance in Wallingford.

During this week, Shan has taken lots of photographs of me, which I put in my journal. It’s a lovely souvenir of my time in England.