Great Stay!


My name is Inna, I’m from Russia, I am 17 and this letter is about my first trip to England.

All started when I came to the Comyns’ home, this is a very friendly and nice family in a delightful town called Stratford Upon-Avon. People here are always smiling and the streets are mesmerizing silenced.

It is hard to describe what happened to me during these three weeks, a lot of new places, people  and emotions.

I especially remember three places: the theatre, the church where William Shakespeare is  buried and  the National Art Gallery  in London.

I will not describe in detail to satisfy this wonderful experience that I just had – you can see my movie here:

All in all, I can say that I’ll never  forget this time.

Thank so much

A French boy in Stratford Upon-Avon

Hi my name is Theo, I’m 15 and I come from France in a town near Geneva.  This is my 3rd stay in  England.

I have really enjoyed to do this experience because we have seen a lot of beautiful things, but my favourite place is the Air force Museum. It’s amazing to see so many planes.

Stratford is a good place for visiting because it is a city with a lot of history.

My family was very good too, we have been able to talk a lot with them because they are very opened and funny.

You can see my movie here:

Our trip to England

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Hello there! We are Juan and Valentyna, from Spain and Ukraine respectively. We are both 19 years old and we spent a month together in England. The first two weeks were living at Maria Moustaka’s house in London. Every morning we had class, and after having lunch, we went to museums, palaces, landmarks, popular markets, etc. We agreed with Maria the excursions that we would do with it. She took us to places unknown to us: Kenwood House and near Greenwich. We also went to the cinema and a concert in Canary Wharf. 

Before all this, I was worried about the experience of living with the teacher. And finally I loved, the room much better than I expected and Maria was very kind with us. Also the food was delicious. I got used to the UK schedule/timetable soon. 

Then, we spent at Kate Irving’s house the last two weeks in St Albans. It is a town north of London, 20 minutes by train. You can’t compare the two cities, as London offers many more things to do and enjoy. However, Kate helped us spend two amazing weeks. She took us to see a real live trial and explained to us how the justice worked in the UK. Another day, we went to Cambridge where we could see the different colleges and faculties and we got surprised of the education system because it’s very different to our countries ones. We visited Waddesdon Manor, which is one of several houses that the famous and wealthy Rothschild family owns. 

As Maria did, Kate treated us very well and were delighted to meet her family. She lives with her husband Peter, and has three children, whom we met. We went to pub quizzes and we won! I recommend this course.

Unforgettable course!

Уважаемые дамы и господа!

Наш сын Дмитрий Курган (Dmitriy Kurgan) в июле этого года провел 4 недели в семье преподавателя вашей школы господина Ruud van Ruitenbeek.
От этой программы обучения у Дмитрия остались самые приятные впечатления и эмоции! Мистер Ruitenbeek и его семья создали очень дружелюбную и гостеприимную атмосферу в своем доме. Это особенно для нас важно, т.к. Дмитрий – очень стеснительный и скромный ребенок.
И конечно мы очень благодарны господину Ruitenbeek за его преподавательскую работу! Дмитрий значительно повысил свой уровень английского языка и смог сдать экзамен IELTS на 6,0. В этом огромная заслуга преподавателя!
Кроме всего прочего наш сын получил незабываемые впечатления о вашей стране, что еще больше укрепило его желание продолжить свое обучение в Великобритании.
Мы хотим выразить глубокую и искреннюю благодарность господину Ruitenbeek за профессионализм и теплое отношение к нашему сыну!

Sergei Kurgan,
Ekaterina Petrusha.

P.S. We’re sorry for the review in Russian. But our English is not so good to express our gratitude to Mr. Ruitenbeek for his excellent work and personal qualities.

Great Teacher!

Our son, Alexey, has been taking an Intensive English course with Annette Richardson for three weeks in July 2014. We deeply appreciate her high-level of teaching and training as well as her welcomed family for a warm and friendly atmosphere, our son was involved in.
We would like to emphasize our son’s spoken English became much better. In spite of the hard work, he really liked English programme and, of course, his tutor. Regular excursions and his free time which was spent in Annette’s family,  gave him a total, in-depth experience of English culture and unique help for learning.
We express our thanks one more time for Annette Richardson’s professionalism and comity of manner to our son as well as your school for organization of such an efficient programme. We are ready to give our best recommendations both to school and such a great teacher.
Oleg and Elena The Shurukhin’s

Good days in England

20140812_155054hi ! In England we have a lot of fun , every day we are doing something . One day we go cycling in the forest. The tour was very long and Mike said “we arrive in 20 minutes …” It was a joke , finally we arrived in 3 hours later , then I found out we had cycled 17 km , omg . We went to Bristol and shopping was very very cooool !!! one day we went to the Gloucester , where filmed Harry Potter – I love this movie so much ..We also went to a treetop, it was cool and awesome. It was a nice experience but I am delighted to return.

My 2 weeks in Bournemouth

Hello. My name is Yuka. I have never been to England before. I have been in Bournemouth for two weeks. Bournemouth is a very beautiful place and I would like to live here. At first I couldn’t understand what my family were saying, but now I can understand them a lot better.

I have visited a lot of places, including churches, castles, cathedrals, towns, gardens, fireworks and beaches as well as going to London and the Harry Potter Studio. I have tried lots of new foods such as marmite and roast lamb. I love the toffee puddings.

My family are lovely and they have looked after me very well. I love my bedroom.  Every day my family made me laugh!!!!

Tonight is my last night and I don’t want to go home.  When I am older, I would like to come back and visit Bournemouth and my family again.

Every meal was delicious and I would like to try and cook the same meals in Japan.

This experience is a part of my life I will never forget.  I will always stay in contact with my family xxxxx




My amazing holiday in Cardiff

Hello, dear readers!

I’m Natalie from Austria, 17 and I stayed for two weeks in lovely Wales. The whole family Sophie, Gwenni, Gethin and Daniel was very friendly and I really liked them. Every day was amazing and I will miss my time in Cardiff. =)

My host siblings were in the same age as me and we went to the cinema and went on other very interesting day-trips. I enjoyed my holiday in Cardiff  because my host family was very interested in making my stay with them as comfortable as possible.

Now I have learned so much in English and my speaking has become much better. Also after two days I began to think in English!

Yours, Natalie

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English course 2014

I’m Shanna, 16 years old girl from the south of France, i’ve been following an english language course in Brighton this summer. The classes were super great and the teacher was amazing. Having classes at home were so much better than going to a real school, even if you don’t have the opportunity to meet other people. By the way, many excursions had been organized, like a London trip for example. You are definitely into the british way of life. I’ve learned a lot, and it was an amazing human experience.