Kirriemuir – Angus Scotland

  • My name is Baptiste, I am seventeen and I spent 2 weeks in a Family in Scotland. The name of the town is Kirriemuir where the author of Peter Pan was born.
  • All the morning I had three hours of lessons and during the afternoon, I can do what I want. The city was very small but very beautiful. Then, I enjoyed running in the fields. I visited Edinburgh, Dundee and St Andrews. All these cities were beautiful and you can buy lots of different things in the shops.
  • I really improved my accent and comprehension.
  • The family was very kind, comprehensive and friendly in all the situations.

Do you want to meet Braveheart?

Hi, my name is Joan and I’m from Barcelona. I did a 3 week Living Learning English course in Scotland and it has gone really quickly because there are lotsof thnigs you can do here in Tealing. You can play tennis in a nice tennis court, you can play  table tennis, you can relax, you can swim, you can go for a walk, if you like walking this is your place.

However, the most awesome thing about Scotland is the scenery; when you go north you find less people, less houses, less villages and it all becomes really amazing: wild rivers in the middle of forests, squirrels, deer, dogs, lots of different types of birds and more animals. If you like animals, this is your place.

Edinburgh, the capital is also a really nice city. It is the perefct size (it’s quite small compared to other cities). The best time to come is in August because of the Edinburgh festival. Although I must warn you that the city becomes really crowded, it’s still nice. Lots of sightseeing: the castle, the Scottish parliament,…

It is a good place to visit and it really looks like New Zealand, so…What are you waiting for!

Two weeks in Scotland!

Hi, this is Francesca and Ksenia,we’re seventeen, from Italy and Russia.
We’re living on a fabulous farm in Tealing, twenty minutes from Dundee. We visited the whole area,we went to the mountains near Dunkeld,we visited the seaside in St Andrews,where there is a famous golfcourse,we went to Edinburgh where we met another teacher and her students, and together walked around the Castle.
We went to Dundee Rep Youth Dance Festival, where there were typical Scottish dancing and Scottish songs with bagpipes.
You must come to visit Scotland because it’s a beautiful combination of fascinating scenery and you also must to try the traditional food,like smoked salmon, haggis ,oatcakes and porridge.
We’re very happy because our English has improved so much and we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and now we know all Scottish customs and we’re looking forward to coming back again!
Thank you for our gorgeous teacher and her great family!

Francesca and Ksenia


Scottsh Life

Hi! I’m Alejandro. I’m fifteen years old. I’m from Spain.

I’ve in Scotland for two weeks at Carole’s house, her house it’s like a farm, it’s fantastic. My experience here has been very nice, and also the people here are very friendly. Carole is always with us and she’s always looking after the children. Also she has two children, Frazer, he’s very friendly and he’s always with us and besides he is a person who you can play any sports. Moreover, Tara is Carole’s daughter, she’s very friendly too, and she is typical girl. Also I have a very good time with my German friend Jan, who loves the same sport as me.

Also here in Scotland Carole will show Edinburgh, St Andrews, and more places which completely amazing.Come to Scotland, have fun, learn English, and make some good friends such as Carole’s family.




2 weeks between sun and rain in Scotland near Dundee

Hi I’m Till and I would like to tell youi a little bit about my experience here in Tealing a nice little village near Dundee.

I stayed there for two weeks and had a lot of fun. With my really friendly and lovely host family, I discovered the Area, Daytrips to Glamis Castle, Mc Mannus Gallery, Dundee, St. Andrews, Forfar, Edinburgh and a lot of other sides we had a lot to see and fun.

We started our lesson at 9.30 in the morning where we discovered the new and interesting book in cooperation with the BBC, so there were a lot of interesting thing to discuss and talk about. So we went on till 12.30 when we had normally lunch. After lunch and a short break we started our exploring programme through the area, which often ends in the supermarket, where we bought some stuff for dinner.

I’ve to say these two weeks were brilliant and lovely exspecially that in the first week the weather was sunny makes that to an unforgettable experience.

So short feedback: Area: 5 stars; Family: 5 stars Fun: 5 stars  All: 5 Stars



Tealing Travel Information

Welcome to Scotland

One of the four countries of the United Kingdom. You can explore here a lot and you’ll have here in Tealing in the district Angus a great time. To help you a little bit for the start here is some information.

Accent and language

Don’t worry about the accent of the Scottish people it’s a bit harder but easy to understand in approximately one or two days you won’t have a problem with that. The other thing is that the Scottish are using some other words for some things which are Gaelic which is their original language. Here a short list of words which you might hear:

Ben- mountain                           Loch- lake                    cheerio- Goodbye                              kirk- church

Alba- Scotland                            wee- little                     messages- shopping             Tip: To listen to Gaelic you can watch                                                                                                                                                         BBC    Alba which is transmitted in Gaelic.

Food& Drink

You have to know that the scottish have some special food and drinks. Firstly there is near Tealing a town called Forfar where you get Forfar Bridies which are really similar to Cornish Pasties. Then the second one is a drink with an orange colour. The name is Irnbru. Irnbru is a really sweet energy drink which you can buy ONLY in Scotland. At least the haggis. Don’t worry about that. Haggis is with mashed potatoes and peas nice for lunch and has a lovely spicy taste.


The currency in Scotland is the Scottish Pound which is similar to the British pound. The British pounds are also accepted. So no reason to wonder if you get back some interesting coloured money. To that an additional information: In Scotland every bank is allowed to print their own money so don’t  panic if you have different looking money with the same amount.

Clothes& Weather

Scotland can be nice sunny and warm but it might be rainy and cold. It is important to have a waterproof jacket and good waterproof shoes. Remember you’re not in the city and Tealing is lovely to explore by foot. Another point is don’t trust the weather report. They try to tell you how the weather might be on the next day. It’s easier and has a better effect to look out of the window in the morning. And have a second plan if the weather is too bad.

I hope I have helped you with the article and hope you’ll enjoy your visit to one of the most beautiful countries across the UK. And remember: Lay back, relax and keep cool (that is often easy with the rainy and cold weather.)


Scotland rocks!


I’m Yannick from Germany and I’m 14 years old. I stayed in the Angus area nearby Edinburgh for 3 weeks. I had plenty of fun with my french friend staying on the fantastic farm. My host family was really awesome and open-minded too.

In the mornings we usually hit the books, which was important for my English practice. In our leisure time my friend and I often did a lot of sports, went to the city centre or had great excursions with Carole, our nice English teacher. For instance once we played a close tennis match. After I scored a set point I meant business but then my friend came back and the match got closer. Despite having 4 days rain, what is normal for Britain, the weather was nice in general.

Furthermore, we had an excursion to the famous “Fettercairn”  whisky distillery, where the whisky was highly recommendable I think. Also, you can get much knowledge how the whisky is produced.

Moreover, I visited Edinburgh, a huge city with many kinds of historical sights e.g. the famous tourist attraction Edinburgh Castle. On the other hand I enjoyed listening to the bagpipes or just strolling through the busy streets of Edinburgh.

In conclusion I made the right decision going to a family like the Smiths to learn English in an easy way. I wish I could stay for a longer time in Scotland. The family is highly recommendable and I had a whale of a time stayin’ in Scotland!





Erny in Scotland


My name is Ernest and I am 16. I went to Scotland, more precisely in the Angus & Dandee area, to the north of Edinburgh. I stayed in a lovely farm. The family was really welcoming too.

They gave me lots to do. Sure, I have English classes in the morning (which were , actually, really nice), but I could also train in tennis, practice my breaststroke, kick a ball, go shopping or to the cinema, or simply watch the rain through the window. Futhermore, all the activities were really close to where I stayed.

Moreover, I had some excursions. I went to St Andrews, the birthplace of golf and also of the royal love story between Kate & Wills. I, also went to Edinburgh where I saw Edinburgh castle, and the most important places of the city.

I really enjoyed my stay here. I also highly recommend you to try the experience with the family, the welcome, the landscape, the activities, the weather… And also for your English too !

Andrea’s Edinburgh Adventure!

Hi there!

I’ve been staying for the last couple of weeks in Tealing, Angus with Carole Smith and her family and I’ve had a lovely time. I visited Edinburgh yesterday and would recommend other students go there. I had a wonderful day!

Here is my review of Edinburgh – in case you’re interested.

Sited just on the banks of river Forth, overlooking the North Sea and surrounded by green hills,  Edinburgh brings together what any European capital should have – shops, cafes, bars, parks, … – plus nature and wilderness just a few minutes away from the city centre: the hill known as Arthur’s Seat.

But the most recognisable landmark is Edinburgh Castle, a symbol of Scotland and the city. Located in the medieval Old Town, up the Royal Mile, reigning silently over Edinburgh, the Castle is the most visited site. You might get cold feet when you find yourself in a never-ending queue to buy the entry tickets, but it’s well-worth the wait. There’s a whole town inside the Castle as it was a military castle so take your time, walk around and watch out for the one o’clock cannon shot.

Besides the Castle there are other must-see sites: the Palace of Holyroodhouse, all the way down the Royal Mile; the innovative Scottish Parliament, just across the street; the National Museum of Scotland and a wide range of other museums as the National Gallery of Scotland.

The best time to go is August. Not only is it because it lowers the chances of rain but also because it takes place one of the world’s largest cultural festivals. Edinburgh International Festival provides first-class entertainment, a mix between theatre and music. At the same time the Fringe is also held. Small drama companies or student companies fill the streets with music, laughter and shows from all over the world. With so much going on, Edinburgh is the place to be.

Overall, Edinburgh is a unique city where there’s lots to do and see. The scenery is splendid, people are friendly and you won’t ever forget it.

Enjoy! Andrea

Tealing, Angus, Scotland.

We had such a great time these three weeks here in Scotland!

We visited Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Dundee, we went to Glamis Castle, Dunkeld (a little Highland town) in Perthshire,… We enjoyed both big cities and the countryside, they are all amazing. We ate the best strawberries in the world and saw the beach where Chariots of Fire was filmed as well! We also tried some Scottish food such as haggis, tatties and mince, Scottish pie, shortbread, oatcakes, salmon in all its varieties (pate, smoked, cooked in the oven,…).

Tealing is a peaceful, wee (LITTLE!) town in the county of Angus, right by Dundee. Carole’s house is a really big renovated farm, and her family has turned it into a lovely old house. It is near a dovecot and an ancient earthouse, where prehistoric people used to live.

We really enjoyed the weeks we spent here and we feel a bit sad thinking about leaving tomorrow. We are both looking forward to coming back to Scotland and visiting this beautiful country and Carole’s family again.

PS: the Scottish accent is quite easy to understand, don’t worry about that!