Our course in England

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Hello, my name is Lucile and I live in France and my partner is Jane and she lives in Russia. We stayed for two weeks with Lyne and Stephen Rolph and it was very good. We went to London one day and to Brighton where we went to a funfair. After that, we ate fish and chips in a restaurant!! During this two weeks, Lyne cooked for us a typical english breakfast with eggs, bake beans, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, black pudding and toasts. We learnt how to play green bowling with Lyne and it was very funny!!! Being in a real English family is very interesting and we learnt a lot of new vocabulary. Now, Jane and I are friends and we want to stay in communication by Facebook. I hope that now you want to do a course with Living Learning English!!! So, bye bye!!

2 weeks in London.


My name is Stacey, I am 14 years old and I am from Moldova (Chishinau). From the 13th to the 27th of July, I spend two very exciting weeks with Claire’s family with Will, Harry (3) and Ieuan (5). It was very interesting to discover another country, with some new cultures and new habits.

The family were very good. They like films and music. Perfect for me. Will is a musician. And he teaches children ages 3-11 to play piano. I listened to his band and…he has a talent. Claire is a great teacher and a great cook. What about Harry and Ieuan?…they are very energetic boys.

During the two weeks, I did many activities with the family: we visited many places like The Newham Mayor’s Show, Cable Car, London Eye, Wahaca Cafe (with extra spicy food) P.S. I thought that i’d die)), Madame Tussauds, London ”beach” , swimming pool etc. As we lived in London, we also went to museums and art galleries.

So I spend two amazing weeks and I want to say big THANK YOU the family for teaching me English and for all things and a big THANKS to the company.


Some tickets
Some tickets
London Eye
London Eye
In cafe:P
In cafe:P
Big Ben
Big Ben
Johnny Depp and I))
Johnny Depp and I))
Happy Family))
Happy Family))
Some bubles
Some bubles
Nice view from London Eye
Nice view from London Eye


London is amazing!

Hi! I’m Tachapon, from Thailand and I’m 15 years old.

I came to London for one week to improve my English and I had a great time with my host family. We talked about my country, my religion, we cooked, we laughed, played football, we went sightseeing in the weekend and during the week we played computer games and we even went to the cinema to watch Skyfall which was fantastic. I am more confident about my pronunciation after this wonderful week that I spent with them!

Having lessons with excellent teacher in St. Albans

I think that learning English  with Kate and Peter was the best way to improve my English and discover real English life.

During my lessons, Kate taught me a lot of information, explanations, special wordings etc. concerning each issue, for example education, school, college, history, politics and journalism. So I could understand them on a deeper level. Also she and Peter’s family offered me various kinds of the experiences through their real activities, food at home, concert at the church,  darts game in the local pub, excursions to London and Cambridge and playing golf in St Albans. Cambridge was the place that impressed me most.

Kate gave me some useful advice how to learn English after coming back to Japan.

I recommend all of you to take the Living Learning English course.


3rd October 2012   Masako Iwasaki

Geffrye Museum Peter and Kate and Mako in The Robin Hood Pub Newnham College Cambridge Tea Ceremony Raclette Dinner

Paula and Sara in Windsor!


We’re Sara and Paula, we’re 15 years old and came from Spain. We’ve been in windsor for two weeks with the Butler family.

It was a fantastic travel for us: in the morning we had very interesting lessons. We talked a lot, watched videos, play games, cooked brownies (wich were really good) and fairy cakes (we have to say that they weren’t very well).

Every afternoon, we did a lot of activities and trips, we went to the cinema, the amusement park (Thorpe park), Windsor Castle, we went twice to Londn, and we went shopping almost every day.

Our stay in the house was very confortable because it was like if we were at our home.

Finally we enjoyed a lot our course and hope we’ll come back one day!

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My stay in Windsor


My name is Tristan Welendorff and I’m from Germay.  I went to Windsor near London and stayed here for one week with the Butler family.  It was a really nice time.

Every morning I had lessons with Donna Butler.  The lessons passed very quickly because they were really interesting.  Sometimes we went to a trip so I could see the area around Windsor.  We were at a polo game, in London and in Windsor.  I like best London and the polo game.  London is so big and pretty.  After our trips I play with Andrew (son) on the Wii.

All in all I would do it again anytime!

Eating chocolate cake in St Albans

Hi !

Our names are Ivy and Elise, we are 17 years old. We have been here for two weeks. I’m Ivy, I come from Hong-Kong, I’ll study in England, in Eastbourne. I’m Elise, I live in France and I’m here to improve my English language for my future career and I will go back on Friday 24th. We arrived on Sunday 12th at Kate’s home.

This English Experience was very AMAZING. These two weeks were very great, Kate and her family were very friendly ! The course was very interesting and instructive, not nice because “nice is boring“. During our Freetime, we met many welcoming people. The activities were incredible ! Such as London, Cambridge, Eastbourne, Harry Potter tours, Wimpole and many parties !

We lived two very unforgettable weeks ! Thanks to you Kate for your teaching and for introducing us to your, “If you think you can, you can !xx

P1050910 (12)   P1060081 (2) Kings College Bridge P1060086 (2) P1060021 P1050881 P1050876 P1050729 St Paul's Cathedral  P1050724.2 Ivy and Elise at the Harry Potter Experience


Hello, I am Heloise from France

With Lyne and Stephen we visited London: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace …they are very nice.  We have lessons with Lyne.  Two weeks ago we arrived in England.  London is fantastic.  We painted a box, went swimming, went on a bus, on a train, on the cable car and saw the Shard in London.  There are two kittens in the house.  We visited the Brighton Pavilion and the giant prawn on the seafront is very big.  Lyne has three tortoises.  Lyne and Stephen are fantastic.  This country is beautiful.


Every morning we had lessons but the afternoons are activities.  Lyne has got short blond hair and she is small.  She has got glasses.

England, Redhill

Hello, I am Yana from Russia!

Two weeks ago I came to England to our wonderful family: Lyne and Stephen. I wanted to enjoy this beautiful country and to learn English better. I think that I have done it.

Every morning we had lessons with our great Lyne. She is a beautiful teacher, I think English with her is easy. In the afternoon we did lot of things, such as painting some figures like a bear and a pretty box or going to Brighton and going shopping. We went to London. We have seen many beautiful places, like Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace… The most exciting place for me was Big Ben, because I didn`t believe I`m really in England, but Big Ben has convinced me!

To sum up, we have had wonderful time and I have learned a lot of things! Thanks Lyne and Stephen!


With the Olimpyc Flame in Tower of London

Hello, we are Yulia from Belarus and Nuria from Spain !!

Two weeks ago we arrived at Gatwick airport and we met our friendly and funny family: Lyne and Stephen. Our aims were to learn more English and have a very good time in a foreign country. I think that we have achieved both of them.

During the morning we had lessons with Lyne. We have to say that our English has improved a lot. In the afternoon we did a lot of things, such as painting some plates or making our necklaces. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. We went to London. There we visited the Olympic Park, Tower Bridge, Covent Garden … The most exciting thing was that we took a photo with the Olympic Flame!! Another afternoon we went to Brighton and we went shopping.

To sum up, we have enjoyed ourselves a lot and we have learnt a lot of things! Thanks Lyne and Stephen!!
With Wenlock in Tower BridgeWith Wenlock in Tower of London !Painting plates in Reigate