Great learning atmosphere in England

Kayaking in Hastings

Both of us, Juan Manuel and Max had a great time in Hastings. In the two weeks we spent here, we improved our English a lot. But that was not the only thing we improved. We also learned many different things about Hastings, Rye, Bexhill, Battle and London. We, for example, were shown the little secrets pirates used in order to smuggle their cargo. I bet you do not know what the little candle in the window was for. Well, come to Hastings and find out! The mixture of improving our English skills, experiencing new, interesting facts and doing many nice activities was great fun. There was always something to do. Either going kickboxing or kayaking with the seagulls or going to the cinema.You never got bored.if you are looking forward to having a great holiday and enhancing your english,this is a great place.


Gloria and Savine

Hello! We are Gloria and Savine.  We are 14 years old. We want to tell you about our experience learning English.

We spent 3 weeks in Hastings, (situated in the south of England), in Linda’s house. Linda, for us, is an excellent teacher and a helpful, nice and sympathetic person. She has helped us to improve our English a lot in just 3 weeks. We have learnt a lot of vocabulary,  grammar and we have also progressed in the listening and speaking. The classes were very interesting always with games and we had 3 hours of lessons.

In addition, we spent a very good time. We did a lot of activities like kayaking, playing tennis, swimming, shopping, zumba, bowling, cooking a cake, making a pottery bowl, kickboxing, playing mini golf and going to the cinema. Also, we visited London, Rye, Brighton, Bexhill, Battle, and Ashford. And we have discovered the English cultures as we had English traditional breakfast, cream tea and fish and chips.

Finally, we are very good friends and we will be in touch. We are always laughing.. we get on very well!!

In conclusion, we spent a really good experience that we’ll always remembered.

Hi. I am Natalia. I am from Russia. This is my first visit to England. I lived in Hastings. Family in which I lived kind, cheerful, friendly. Every day I had different activity such as tennis, zumba, kickboxing, cinema. Went to different cities: London, Brighton, Battle, Bexhill, Rye, Ashford, try local food, cream tea, English Breakfast, fish and chips. I have improved my English and spend cool early summer!!!