3 weeks in Bristol!

Hi! I’m Conxa and I’m from Spain. I went to Bristol for three weeks and I stayed with a family. Every day we had lessons to improve our English and they were good. In the afternoons, my friend Clarisse and me did some excursions. We visited Bath, we went for a trip in a boat, we saw a famous bridge and we went to the cinema. At the beginning I was worried about the food but I liked all of it. We shared meals with french and chinese people and with our friendly family. In conclusion,it is a good experience to improve your English and to know how live the English people.

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Two weeks in Keynsham

BRISTOL SS Great Britain


Is confirmed that English vehicles have the steering wheel on the right and their radios speak in English, but like European vehicles they also have four wheels.

Further to the English classes I had every morning, I also did some tourism. The first city I visited was Bath, it is a lovely place with an ancient Roman baths, an amazing abbey and a beautiful Georgian architecture (XVIII century)

BATH Roman Bath and Abbey


In Bristol I saw an amazing suspension bridge it was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel the same engineer who designed the famous ship SS Great Britain which is berthed in the dry dock in Bristol where she was first built. 

BRISTOL Suspension Bridge


Oxford is like a trip back in time, if we had removed the cars from the streets we would have seen a Victorian (Georgian) scene , you can walk and enjoy the old architecture. The city was full of young students from all around the world who had come to study English. 



There was a lovely trip through the countryside until we arrived to Wells, this is a beautiful city with an amazing cathedral. We visited both the outside and inside the building which has one of the oldest working clocks in the world.

Wells Cathedral


About the meals, surprisingly I realized that except for butter, English food is very good. During the meals I only had to take with me the olive oil!!




My stay in Bristol

Hi! My name is Celia, I’m 15 and I come from France. I went to Bristol for four weeks this summer in Becky’s family. I had a really great time, improving my English while having fun and going to lots of places. I had 3 hours of lessons every morning apart from the weekends. We worked on lots of points such as pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, conversation…I was also preparing for the CAE exam, so we did part of the tests from previous years as training during lessons and for homework (especially the speaking and writing part). I think I made lots of progress thanks to these lessons. However, I was also improving my English during the rest of the day. In the afternoons, we were often doing things such as visits in Bristol (museums, shopping…). We also did sport, for example badminton and tennis. From time to time, we saw other foreign students staying in Bristol as well, which was really nice. In the weekends, we did day-trips to Bath, Laycock and London. Each of them was great and really enjoyable (it was nice to have longer excursions).

Finally, I truly loved my host family, as everyone was nice to me. When we had tea in the evening, it was pleasant to take part in the very lively discussions, and I think it is a really good way to improve your English. The food was also really good and healthy! I would definitely love to come back here next year if I had the opportunity!!

Our stay in Clevedon

Our names are Maria and Lisa. We stayed in a family for two weeks and we really enjoyed it. We visited many places, such as: Bristol, Tyntesfield and Bath. We also did many activities like horseback riding, we also visited the cinema and the theatre. Clevedon is a very nice place. We liked the house and our room. The family members were very friendly and kind. The food was very tasty and different. We improved our English speaking and writing skills and we had a good time.

English in Bristol!

The ss Great Britain

I’m Elena, I’m 15 and I’ve been to Bristol for 2 weeks with another girl from Spain – Nuria. We were both preparing for the FCE and Lesley helped us improving a lot ! Her family was really nice and the food was good too. Our accommodation was perfect and we had always free afternoons to go out and visit the city (shopping ;D ) ! We went three times to Bristol with Lesley and she brought us to Bath too 😉 .I had a lot of fun.The lessons were helpful and interesting, we had 3 hours in the morning. I hope I will go there next year !!

View from the bridges coffee shop

In the fashion Museum in BathSome colourful houses in BristolLesley(my teacher) and I in the ss Great BritainSome urban art in Bristol

4 Weeks in England

My name is Olga and I am from Ukraine. I am 14 years old and I have been in England for 4 weeks. I have visited Oxford, Bath, Bristol and Somerset. I have been learning English and learning about photography. My favourite trip was to Oxford. I saw a dance show – ballet and street dance. It was amazing! I have visited a lot of old houses from different times and learnt a lot about history. I have done some cooking: trifle, flapjack, carrot cake, fairy cakes. I hope to come back.


Carmen in England

My name is Carmen and I am from Madrid. I was looking for an English course and I knew about this possibility of 1:1. I thought it was the best for me because I could only come for one week and my level was a little low. I need English for my work in Insurance.

Before I started I was very nervous and excited. When I arrived I met Lesley (late at night!) and I had a good feeling.  The course is hard work, but very focussed on my needs and I appreciate my teacher’s work for it.

And this experience shows me a lot more than a language. Lovely people, lovely family and new ideas about a different culture. I love Lesley’s house, the garden, my room and the view from my window. And it only rained one day – fantastic!

I recommend this experience. If only I could stay longer!

Palina in Bristol

Hi! I’m Palina! Now I’m going to share my experiences with You!

I came to Bristol to spend 3 weeks, preparing for the Ielts exam. It was the first time I had chosen a home-stay teaching course. (Before I had done only group courses). Of course, before I came, I had been a bit  nervous about my teacher and her family, whether I would get on well with them… But when I met Lesley (this is my teacher’s name) at the bus station, where she was waiting for me, I realised, that all my fears had been absolutely groundless! She turned out to be a very friendly, kind, smiling sincere woman!

Lesley is also an excellent teacher! We had very interesting lessons, despite all the hard work for the exam. My teacher gave me not only compulsory preparation for Ielts, but also different additional knowledge on themes I was interested in. For instance, I gained very useful language skills in such areas as banking, drama, law… Moreover, I had practice during the days talking to Lesley’s family. In the evenings we had long conversations at the dinner table. It was wonderful!

Besides lessons I had nice spare time. Several times a week I went sightseeing with Lesley. Among our excursions were: Bristol Zoo, the Clifton suspension Bridge, the MShed museum, cinema, trip to Bath… And it was also a good time to improve my English. I also went shopping and explored the local area by myself.

So, thanks to this friendly, hospitable family I managed to improve my English. It really became more fluent. I am pleased, because this, not the exam, was the main purpose of my trip to England.

To conclude, I just want to say that I’m very happy to have had 3 unforgettable weeks in Bristol, with Lesley and her family! I really felt at home!

Tomas Llusera Solsona in Bristol

I spent 2 weeks in Bristol with Lesley and her family. When I arrived here I was very nervous. It was my first time in a family and doing a course.

At the start I was surprised it was very hard to speak, but after some days it was easier.

I learned more English in these days than in all my life! I am very, very grateful.

Bristol is a city that surprised me. It is big but friendly and quiet! The public transport is OK and the monuments are very interesting. Bath is also very near and I was impressed.  Everything in my visit here was Shipshape and Bristol fashion


Fabian in Bristol

I stayed in Bristol for one week and really liked it. My teacher and me had two excursions (Bristol and Bath), which were good. Furthermore, the lessons were really helpful and I learned some new things. The host family was nice and the food was tasty. To conclude, it was a nice trip