English course 2014

I’m Shanna, 16 years old girl from the south of France, i’ve been following an english language course in Brighton this summer. The classes were super great and the teacher was amazing. Having classes at home were so much better than going to a real school, even if you don’t have the opportunity to meet other people. By the way, many excursions had been organized, like a London trip for example. You are definitely into the british way of life. I’ve learned a lot, and it was an amazing human experience.

My lovely trip in Brighton

Hello, dear readers.

I’m Johanna, a french who is 14 years old and I will tell you about my trip in Brighton, a town just near London in England. I took the plane the 13rd July and it’s was the first time I traveled alone. It made me very anxious and stressed…

But everythings was easier than I thought. I didn’t loose me in the airport, I didn’t miss my plane and Kate, my new teacher was so nice. Since the first day, I have been very welcome. My partner, a spanish girl who had the same age as me, became a very good friend. Each day in the week, we had 3 hours for the course. In fact, these 3 hours passed very quickly. We had different kind of learning like games, role-playing, listen music to understand the lyrics… and of course we worked with a book but it was very helpful.

We made loads of excursions in Brighton or in the country-side like canoë, paddle, museums, shops, shopping, walks, beach… We were very lucky, Gemma (my spanish partner) and I, because the weather was very lovely : sun, very warm a little bit of clouds sometimes and never rain ! We met Kate’s family and friends and all of them were very nice with us. It was a pleasure to met them. We could taste news foods like the scones for the afternoon tea, some cakes and sometimes food very strange like “Marmite”. Now, I drink tea each day like a British ;).

So, if you want to improve your english, meet new people, discover new places and have lot of fun, do like me. I’m sure you will love it. I came back yesterday in France and it was a very great experience in my life. I will not forget this great trip.

I was so lucky to meet a teacher as Kate very attentive and friendly. I will miss Brighton, my lovely teacher and her family !

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Ksenia’s interesting study-trip


My name is Ksenia Evdokimova. I am from Russia. I stayed in England, in Brighton, with my teacher Alexandra Collins and her family.

I really liked my family. I liked our lessons, it was very interesting and useful for me. I think, the most useful for me were speaking and reading part. I think, I have made the same progress, as I hoped. And, I enjoy our excursions and chat.

And I want to say “Thank you” to Living Learning English, because my course was be organised excellent.

Best wishes,

Ksenia Evdokimova.