My 2 weeks in Bournemouth

Hello. My name is Yuka. I have never been to England before. I have been in Bournemouth for two weeks. Bournemouth is a very beautiful place and I would like to live here. At first I couldn’t understand what my family were saying, but now I can understand them a lot better.

I have visited a lot of places, including churches, castles, cathedrals, towns, gardens, fireworks and beaches as well as going to London and the Harry Potter Studio. I have tried lots of new foods such as marmite and roast lamb. I love the toffee puddings.

My family are lovely and they have looked after me very well. I love my bedroom.  Every day my family made me laugh!!!!

Tonight is my last night and I don’t want to go home.  When I am older, I would like to come back and visit Bournemouth and my family again.

Every meal was delicious and I would like to try and cook the same meals in Japan.

This experience is a part of my life I will never forget.  I will always stay in contact with my family xxxxx




my experience in Bournemouth

Hi, my name is Alice and I’m 15, I’m from Italy, Milan, and I’ve been in Bourmounth for 2 weeks. When I was there I feld very well !!

My family was so sweet with me and my roommate Marta, she is a Spanish girl, Marta is 17 years old.

During my 2 weeks there, I did a lot of things , we went to ocenarium, Bournemounth town center, the Christchurch, the harbour, there we visited also the Poole  museum and we went the ferry too.

We went also to the cinema, to saw “The women in black” and for my last day with their we went to the Olimpyc park, to saw water-polo  Italy-Croacia, this day was one of my bast days, also if italy lost.

My english teacher is call Jane Corallo, her housband is David and they have 2 soon Joseph and Nathan they are so funny. The food was very good, David is great cook.

The lessons with Jane was great because we didn’t do normal lessons, but we did a lot of games and spoke always, and we also had a lot of lessons outside, to learnd  the “real” english.

I think that is very important experience, because my english is improve; during the first 3 days is a little bit difficult to speak to the family because usually you don’t speak in english all the time, but than it’s better and you can understand that english is easier that you think.

I recomend my family to everyone because they are very very sweet .

my stay in Poole


A very good stay in Poole a city next to Poole. The family was very nice and they ask me what I want to do. The Frauke’s husband cooked very well and he was always of good mood. the lesson was very interesting because we talk about a lot of different subject. Work in the morning was easier than in afternoon but for me it was a bit early because we started lessons at 9:00 am. We practice  lot of oral comprehension and it’s very interesting. vocabulary is also important with writing and speaking.

I was a bite  desapointing because I hoped that we met some people of my age and I could talk with their but no. They are no child and I think it’s a bit rude. But all other think was perfect because the weekend we went to see an arch an it’s very interesting. I enjoyed a lot my stay because I do a lot of progress.

In the futur, in Paris, I will talk about this stage to my friends because it’s realy a good experience.

My last diary – Poole

I want to tell you about my two weeks with the Jackson family.  It was a wonderful and amazing two weeks.  I really love this family.  They are really cute, funny, understanding and sincere.  Every day was different.  We always went somewhere.  I met a lot wonderful people. Jayne has very good friends and a lovely mum. I visited a lot of places, for example, Zumba, a lot of cafes, the shops, the beach, different towns, the cinema and the zoo. I don’t remember a day when I was sad. I was always smiling and laughing. Jayne spent a lot of time with us.  We were always together.  We dyed our hair, played UNO and joked together.  It was really cool.


Every day we had lessons, but these were not boring J.  We read a lot, talked, listened to music and wrote essays.  I learned a lot of new things.  When I arrived my English was much worse than now.  I always practiced with Jayne, because when we talked, she corrected my mistakes.  I always wrote down new words and in the next day I used sentences with these words.  I was really happy when I wrote my diary every day because my dairy got better every day more and more.  At first I made a lot of mistakes, but Jayne said that “Mistakes this is very good, its OK, I like mistakes”.  I always said what I wanted to, not afraid, because I knew that this family understood me.  When I had a problem with my friends, the next day I talked about this problem with Jayne.  She always listened and supported.  I want to say thanks to this family and Jayne for this emotion and happiness.  I hope we’ll meet again.  I know we’ll meet.


Always in my heart and mind.


Kate xxx

My stay in Bournemouth !


Hello, my name’s Maud, I’m 18 and I come from France. I spent 2 weeks in Bournemouth, a pretty town just near the sea, with a lot of shops and a wonderful park with lots of activities!

I lived with Marta, a Spanish student in the house of our teacher Jane, and her husband David and their two funny boys: Nathan and Joseph.

I discovered a lot of things with this nice family, like the pretty city of Christchurch, and the wonderful Marwell zoo, the incredible site of Stonehenge and the town of Salisbury with its beautiful cathedral. All of these things helped with our learning!

Bournemouth is q very pleasant place to live, and we were just near the high street and the beach. We also went to the cinema twice; it was a really good experience for listening, with very pleasant memories. And we also went to an Aqua Park where we had a lot of fun!

I learned a lot of things during this stay and enjoyed so much these two weeks in the English country. 🙂




My time in Bournemouth :)

My name is Marta, I’m 17 years old. I’ve been in bournemouth for 4 weeks, because I think in kess time, I hadn’t had enought time to learn all the things that I know now.

In my two first weeks I was with Alice, an Italian girl, we enjoyed a lot, and Jane, our teacher made the most difficult weeks very funny and interesting. We went to a lot of places, Bournemotuh twon center, the cinema, Christchurch quay, Poole museum and we went the ferry too. The second week we went to  the oceanarium, it was very impressive there were a lot of incredible animals. That week we went to London to see the waterpolo Italy – Croacia. That day was one of the best days in my 4 weeks.

My teacher is called Jane, her husband David, and the chidren Joseph and Nathan, the family were very great, so attentive to us. And Davis’s food was really good ! 🙂 The lessons with Jane wasn’t boring because her way of teaching was very funny, with a lot of games and we had a lot of lessons outside, in the high street to learn the real english.

The last two weeks I was with Moud, a French girl. We went to a lot of places too, like the water park, to the cinema, zoo Stonehnge.

In my opinion this is a really good experience, you can learn english very well because you have to speak it all time. I recomended my family ( Jane and David ) to everyone and these types of trips because they are very usuful.

Three fantastic weeks in Bournemouth!!!!!

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Hi my name is Lucia and I`m spanish!

I`m fifteen years old and I`ve already been in England but in a residence this time was with a family called Family Gordon. The teacher (David), his wife (Julia), his son (Tom) and his daughter (Nicole). It has been an amazing three weeks with this family. Also I was with my friend Elena, she`s Italian. We were living in Bournemounth.

We were really lucky because the weather was great but even if it`s raining you can do a lot of things. The family is fantastic and the food has been really good. I`ve learnt a lot of things in these three weeks: vocabulary, speking, reading… They like sports like badminton, squash, tennis and football.

The timetable for the day was three hours of lessons during the morning with breaks of course, and in the afternoon after lunch we went to so many places like Bournemouth, Durdle Door, The Purbecks, Bath, Poole, Stonehenge… and these are just a few places!! At night after dinner we went ten pin bowling.

It has been a wonderfull experience for me and now I have new friends in England. I want to come again and do more things.


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Hi! I’m elena from Italy!

I’m sixteen years old. I have been  in Bournemouth for three weeks in David Gordon’s family: David (the teacher), Julia( his wife), Tom (his son) and Nicole (his daughter) .

Every morning we had three hours of lessons with David. The lessons were very interesting and not boring! During the week we visited  lots of places and towns. We went to Poole, to the New Forest with David and Julia. We went also to played Ten Ping Bowling!!

During the free time Lucy ( the spanish girl that studied with me)  went with me to often in the centre of Bournemouth and to Christchurch.

Every Saturday we visited a city for all the day, some of the places that we went to were Bath and Durdle Door.

During the week I played badminton with the family, on Wednsday and on Sunday. I met a lot of David’ s friends. One evening we went also to the house of Julia and David’s best friends! They were very friendly! And now I can play badmintin!! I really like it!

I REALLY ENJOYED THEESE THREE WEEKS! I improved my English, I visited new places and I met new people!



Our stay in Bournemouth!

Hello, our names are Stephanie and Marta! We come from Austria and Spain, and we are both 16 years old. We’ve spent three weeks in Bournemuth, England, at the Riley’s.

We were very lucky with the weather and therefore we spent our free time on the beach. We also went the centre of the town a few times and visited the museum Russel -Cotes. Although we had lessons we had a lot of fun, our family was very nice and we got on very well with them. Besides the fun we were able to improve our English. We would recommend everybody, who wants to learn English and would like to have new experiences abroad to stay with Rebecca and her family (Ian, Lilith and Edward).

To conclude, here are some pictures of our stay! Hope you enjoy it!