staying in Bath with the Rees family

Hello.  My name is Vadim. I came for a Bath one month ago. I love it. I visited a lot of interestig places  I went to Stonehenge, The Roman Baths, a welsh castle, motor racing and other places as well as swimming every day. Sarah, Robin, Georgie, Hatti very good friends. Very kind, always easy to help. Sarah is a very good teacher. I really liked it here.

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Stay in Bath

Hi, my name is Roman and i am 12.  .In this summer i stayed in Bath for 4 weeks. I relay enjoy the stay and it is a bit sad to go home back. We have made a lot of excursions that i liked  every day we went to a new place for example Stonehenge, Roman’s Bath and other interesting places and on weekends we often went to the other cities such as Bristol where we visited the balloon fiesta, science museum and aquarium. Last week we went to the longlead Safari park  which was amazing. The food was relay good too. Lessons were quite interesting and books were good too. Sometimes we played Monopoly in the evenings, i even won few games! My teacher was Mathew Sutton, so check him.   I relay recommend to go to Bath. 🙂

Lovely stay in Bath

Hello, my name is Pascual, I am 13 years old and I am Spanish.I have stayed in Bath for three wonderful weeks. I really enjoyed the classes and the excursions. We went to a lot of places: to longleat, to the Bristol Aquarium, to the Bristol science museum, to Stonehenge and to the Roman baths. And I loved English food to, like fish and chips and the English breakfast. So I say thank you to Living Learning English!