Great time in Wales

My name is benedict, and I’m totally happy with living and Learning English.l came 2 weeks to the north of Wales.

We were taking a walk on the beach,and the weather was always lovely those 2 weeks.

We were on several trips  in those 2 weeks, 5 we made.

I am impressed how wonderfull some places are in Wales.
We,my hostparrents and I,went to several places for example Lake Vrynwy and to a waterfall.
Then we drove to Barmouth where we took a walk on the beach. The weather was good ;it was just fantastic.
I could play tennis, go fishing and we played Scrabble every night. The meals were just as good as they could be.We made several more trips, and at least I learned a lot of English and things that I wanted to learn. It was a helpful time living and learning English.

So I would use living and learning agin if there is a need for it.