Two weeks in Scotland!

Hi, this is Francesca and Ksenia,we’re seventeen, from Italy and Russia.
We’re living on a fabulous farm in Tealing, twenty minutes from Dundee. We visited the whole area,we went to the mountains near Dunkeld,we visited the seaside in St Andrews,where there is a famous golfcourse,we went to Edinburgh where we met another teacher and her students, and together walked around the Castle.
We went to Dundee Rep Youth Dance Festival, where there were typical Scottish dancing and Scottish songs with bagpipes.
You must come to visit Scotland because it’s a beautiful combination of fascinating scenery and you also must to try the traditional food,like smoked salmon, haggis ,oatcakes and porridge.
We’re very happy because our English has improved so much and we have learnt a lot of new vocabulary and now we know all Scottish customs and we’re looking forward to coming back again!
Thank you for our gorgeous teacher and her great family!

Francesca and Ksenia


Scottsh Life

Hi! I’m Alejandro. I’m fifteen years old. I’m from Spain.

I’ve in Scotland for two weeks at Carole’s house, her house it’s like a farm, it’s fantastic. My experience here has been very nice, and also the people here are very friendly. Carole is always with us and she’s always looking after the children. Also she has two children, Frazer, he’s very friendly and he’s always with us and besides he is a person who you can play any sports. Moreover, Tara is Carole’s daughter, she’s very friendly too, and she is typical girl. Also I have a very good time with my German friend Jan, who loves the same sport as me.

Also here in Scotland Carole will show Edinburgh, St Andrews, and more places which completely amazing.Come to Scotland, have fun, learn English, and make some good friends such as Carole’s family.