Two Awesome Weeks With Daniela


Hello! My name is Ivan Bokhan. I’m 15 years old and I’m from Belarus. I staying in a nice two-story house in Cottenham , Cambridge. I will be here for two weeks, with Daniela, Deryck (her husband) and two nice children. I stay here with another student called Hugo. I’m really happy that I can stay with so nice family.


The family is really polite and funny. I think that is good that I can talk with native speakers. They have a children, Emma and Andrew (7-years old and 11-years old) and they are very nice and polite kids. I’m spending a lot of time with Andrew and we become a friends. I didn’t expect that in these family they have a children and I thought that it will be worse that without them but later we started to communicate very well.


This is very good that in our lessons we can decide the time of the lesson per day (we choose 5 hours per day) .

In our first lesson Daniela show us the fat book called “Phrases, Saying, and Quotation” and every lesson we need to take two frappes from these book and explain it. In the beginning it was hard but later it became easier.

In our lessons we work from the book as well as discussing exercises with my partner. And that was interesting and fun. Daniela reproduced texts for us and we listened to it. We had a lot of reading, speaking and working with exercises. I think that the main reason for this improvement is that I’m speaking English all the time. In lessons, with the children, on the excursion and with the partner. And I think that is important to think in English. I’ve been in England twice before, but this time was the best.


I was really impressed when I arrived. I went upstairs and I saw my room and it was awesome because the room is very big and we have our own bathroom. I shared the room with Hugo(my partner) but there is more than enough space for both of us. Our bedroom looks very big and clean and there are two windows so the room is nicely lit up the whole day.
But not only our bedroom is really comfortable. We live here in a big house, the sitting room as well as the dinning room are quite big.
Sometimes we have dinner in the big, nice and comfortable garden.I was extremely  glad when I saw our house.


I’ve been in England twice before, but this time i had the best meals. We have three meals a day. In the morning we always have cereals with milk and orange juice. After lessons we usually have a lunch. Sometimes it is something lite like omelet or sandwiches. Near seven o’clock we have a dinner. Daniela always cooking something nice and tasty for example pizza, pasta, risotto, fish or chicken. And sometimes we can try very tasty desert like chocolate cake or  “pavlova” cake.


Excursions was really interesting. One time we were in London and the other days we stayed in Cambridge.
In Cambridge we visited many different Colleges. For example the St. Johns college impressed me because it looks like the Hogwarts from Harry Potter. We had many activities in Cambridge, like visiting tho shopping centre, the Fitzwilliam Museum, swimming pool, aqua park, and I really enjoyed the boat ride in King’s University.

When we went to London we had the possibility to decide what we want to visit. So we decided to go on the London Dungeon. After this attraction we did a short boat ride which was very beautiful. We left the boat near the Tower Bridge so we climb to the top and took some beautiful photos and went by metro to the Picadilly Circus. The excursion to London was absolutely lovely.

In the end I want to say that the house, people, food, excursions was really great. Thank you “Living Learning English”!

My wonderful stay in Hastings

Hello !
I’m Coralie and I’m French. For my first linguistic trip, I spent two weeks in Hastings which is a very pretty English city by the seaside.
My roomate Hikari was Japanese so we had the opportunity to learn about life in each other’s country. We discovered that there were many differences between France and Japan.
During these two weeks, I’ve done many things : Hastings and its surroundings offer plenty of opportunities to do many kinds of activities.
Every morning (except the week-end) I had three hours of lessons and in the afternoon, there were excursions.
I visited the towns of Hastings, Bexhill, Brighton, Rye and also the city of London.
I played minigolf, walked along the beach, did some shopping, went to the cinema, made a cake and ate a fish and chips, an English breakfast and a cream tea.
I did some kayaking in the English countryside and I went to kick-boxing and zumba lessons.
So I had a brilliant stay in Hastings, I loved it. My host family was fantastic (very cool and friendly),I also improve my English a lot and I learned new vocabulary every day.
This trip will be a very good memory and now, I want to do another linguistic trip next summer.

My holiday in Blackwell ! So good !!


My name is Timothy LAMBERT. I’m 19 years old and I live in Le Mans (in France)

For 2 weeks I lived in a English Family in Blackwell (small city near Birmingham) and it was so funny and interesting. There was to a Spanish boy. The name of my teacher is Helen WESTLAKE (and his husband Piers). I was so good welcomed and as soon as the first day, the family tried to de-emphasize me. You have 2 or 3 hours of lessons per day but don’t worry ! It’s so fun because teacher tried to adapt his lesson in function of your difficulty. If you don’t understand, he tried to repeat, repeat and repeat. If you have particular problem about grammar, conjugation or tense, he found lesson then exercises to improve your language.

And sometime, the teacher suggest activity that you can do a half day or a full day. For example, I visited :

– Oxford whis his universities (I did puntting with all the family, like on the picture)

– Birmingham (the city, the Sealife (aquarium), his Biggest library))

– Harvington Hall :

– Royal Air Force Museum:

– Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden :

– Stratford

– Worcester

Brief, this family was so kind and open-minded. I recommended you this family. She was so perfect and lovely !

It was a very pleasant journey in United-Kingdom and I hope that you will live the same luck !

Don’t hesitate if you have questions !! I am available =)

By 🙂


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Three fantastic weeks in Rushden

Hi, I am Cristina and I have been in Rushden, a little village near London. My teacher was Christopher Robb and I have been in his house for three weeks sharing time with his family. For me these three weeks have been incredible because I have had a great time, but at the same time I have learnt  a lot, not only in English but also about the culture, about the food, about different places,…

Inthe lessons I could learn more vocabulary and grammar and I could practise my listening and speaking. The best thing of this teacher is that you can learn a lot of things but in a different way because he teach you using well-known songs or tongue twisters. Then, when we finished the lessons or in the weekend we visited a lot of places such as  Warwick Castle (it was a amazing day), London (I liked it a lot and I could find presents for my family), Cambridge (this evening, I remember it like a good chance to know about the university of England) , etc.

Other point I want to remark is the food. I was afraid because everybody told me English food was horrible, I was going to lose a lot of weight,…This doesn’t happen in the house I was because I ate a lot and every time I wanted to eat they offered me everything they had in the fridge. The food was delicious!!!

The family was fantastic and the best thing is they deal you like they were your own family. I hope to stay in contact with them because I love them and I hope to see them again soon.




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An Amazing Adventure in Liverpool !!!

Hi everybody. My name is Lev. I am 14 years old. I am a Russian student who stayed in Liverpool for 4 weeks. It wasn’t my first time in Great Britain but it was the best. The best thing was the family and the city. The city of Liverpool is pretty big and a really famous city. Every day we had exciting excursions. It was amazing. The only bad thing was the weather, but it didn’t bother me. Overall, I had a great time.


My stay in Seasalter !


Hi, my name is Ferdinand and I’m from Zuerich.

I enjoyed my stay in Seasalter.  We had a lot of fun on our excursions at Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedrale, Amusement park and went Bowling alley.

I learned more then I hoped for.

And sis is it!


Two weeks in England


Hi! My name is Jules, I’m a french student and I’m 16 year old- I just spent two weeks in Whitstable with Patricia’s family.

We made a lot of excursions at Dover Castle, Canterbury Cathedrale… but also at the Amusement Park and the Bowling Alley which was very funny.

I learned more than I hoped, and spent good times during these two weeks.


An extraordinary week in Margate

We are Augustin and Philppe, aged 11 and 10, from Brussels. We spent one week with Ella, Jim, Alexandra and Betsy the dog in Margate. We arrived at Ashford Station, and Ella drove us to Margate. For the rest of the day we played Jocari in the garden. Then our lessons stared on Monday. We had our breakfast at 8am, and our work began at 9. We had three hours of lessons every mornng, with two breaks of fifteen minutes each. Every lesson began with a warm-up game, then we worked on grammar and new words, corrected our homework and played more language games. In the afternoons we did different activities. It was raining very hard on the first day, so we went to the swimming pool. On the next day we played badminton. Wednesday was a sunny day, so we went to visit Dover Castle. It’s a really huge castle with secret wartime tunnels and the Great Tower. We saw two more castles on the fourth day – in Deal and Walmer. Walmer Castle has a pretty garden with giant games to play. Friday was the last day of lessons – so no homework!! Every evening we chose a film to watch, like Madagascar, How to Train your Dragon and Kung-Fu Panda.

We learned a lot of grammar, like present simple and continuous, the same for the past, and the present perfect. We enjoyed ourselves, and ate well – the food was very, very good.



My week in Wallingford

My father drove me to Wallingford.When he left me at Shan and Andrew’s house I felt nervous and anxious but Shan and I went to Wittenham Clumps.There was a beautiful panoramic view of Oxfordshire. After that I felt a little less stressed.

I have enjoyed this week. The lessons were interesting and fun. I soon felt at ease. I learnt a lots of things about Christ Church and the real Alice before my visit to Oxford. It is an old and mysterious city. Visiting the colleges was fascinating. When we went to Henley where I saw a veteran car rally at Phyllis Court Club. Yesterday I went shopping with an English girl who is called Annie..

I have eaten some delicious English food including fish and chips, a cream tea at Stephen and Rose’s home and birthday cake at Alan’s party. Tonight I’m going to Bunkfest, a festival of folk music and dance in Wallingford.

During this week, Shan has taken lots of photographs of me, which I put in my journal. It’s a lovely souvenir of my time in England.