Our Stay In England



We are Sonya and Berta.from Russia and Spain. We are 13 and 14 years old.  We have spent 2 weeks with the Butler family.  We had a fantastic time and went to many places including Windsor to go shopping, London to M&M World, Covent Garden, Hamleys and more shopping.  We had a day at Thorpe Park which is a theme park with roller coasters and it was great fun.  We took Jasper (the family dog) for lots of walks and went to the pub.  We went to the cinema and also went to Madame Tussaud’s where we saw One Direction!

We want to come back again




Lovely stay in the New Forest

My name is Yuk Yi and I come from Hong Kong. I’m going to boarding school in September. To make better my English I stayed with Alison and her family in her house near Fordingbridge in the New Forest. My stay was 6 weeks. This was my first time in England. I had a very fun time. We visited Salisbury, Southampton, Portsmouth, Longleat Safari Park, Paulton’s Park, Windsor, Oxford, Brighton and London. I went swimming and went to the gym every week and I went horse riding.

We saw many swans in Windsor
We saw many swans in Windsor
Me and Alison at Eton
Me and Alison at Eton

Ali cooked yummy food, especially fish which I like. She let me cook noodles. We bought them in a Chinese supermarket.

I liked the Go Carts with Harry
I liked the Go Carts with Harry

Natascha, Charlotte and Harry were funny. I went with Harry to a theme park and I went swimming with Charlotte.

The lessons were very interesting. I learned many things. Sometimes we played games.

In Trafalgar Square
In Trafalgar Square
Me at Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury Cathedral

Staying Near London

Hello, my name is Kyoko. I’m from Japan. I’m 11 years old. This is my first time in England. I stayed with Lyne and Stephen Rolph and it was a very nice time. One day I went to London and I saw “Mamma Mia”. It is a musical. It was very funny. I like this musical and I want to look this one more time. This homestay is my first time but it was a lot of fun. I think I don’t forget this time! And i want to go to England with my family.

Rita’s adventure in Wallingford

Rita at Tower of London small Rita Big Ben small Rita by Thames2 small Rita with beefeater2 small

Rita studying with Shan small









I must admit I was worried about living with an strange family in England but fortunately Shan and Andrew were splendid hosts. They were very kind to me and make me feel at home.

Shan prepared me very well for the exams. We didn’t just do exercises of the coursebook, we also read newspaper, a novel and watched films and documentaries.

Wallingford is a beautiful town and near other interesting places. We have visited Henley, many of the Oxford colleges and Dorchester Abbey but my favourite excursion was London.

We read a newspaper article about the poppies at the Tower of London and decided to go and see them. It was an unforgettable and unique experience for me.

The excursions were special because I learned a lot about the history of the places I saw.

I have good memories and a journal full of photographs to remember my stay.

An unforgettable experience

CambridgeFish and chipsThe Miller's barn with BenMy birthday party  


My name is Cristina, I’m from Spain and I’m 20 years old. I’ m going to tell you a little bit about my wonderful experience in Ipswich, England, where I stayed for three weeks.

My host mother, and also my English teacher, is called Michelle Miller. She lives with her husband Jeremy, and they have two sons, Tom and Ben, who come from time to time to visit their parents because they´re both working in London and Canterbury, respectively. They also have a very friendly cat called Tigger. They are a lovely family who make you feel like you’re at home from the beginning.

I really like their house, which is actually a converted thatched barn from the 1580s. It’s a very peaceful place to live because it is surrounded by fields with stunning views and lovely sunsets.

My room was very warm and I had spectacular views of the fields through my window.

Every morning I had class for three hours. It can sound like so many hours, but honestly, they were very enjoyable. Michelle is a really good teacher with very entertaining activities and useful methods in which you learn a lot without realising it.

After having lunch, we went on excursions to many different places nearby our house such as Lavenham, Dedham, London, Cambridge, etc. We did some lovely routes on foot and by bike. Excursions are another way of learning new vocabulary and some interesting history and way of life of England. I couldn’t even choose my favourite excursion because each one was different and really interesting.

The food was delicious and I also went to some typical English pubs to have “Fish and chips” and met some of Michelle`s friends.

This has been my first stay in England and I’m really sure that  it isn’t my last one. I’m really looking forward to coming back again. I’m very pleased for having met this family and I highly recommend this experience. Undoubtedly for me, this is the best way to improve your English!



Our two fantastic weeks with Ella

Hello everybody !
-My name is Anna. I’m  from Japan, in Tokyo. I’m 11 years old.
– I’m Elise, I live in France, in Cherbourg and I’m 13 years old.
We both went in Margate, in Kent at Ella’s home. She was our teacher for this two weeks.
Her, her husband Jim, her daughters Alexandra and Alena and her dog Betsy was really, really nice.
We did a lot of things, such as tennis, mini-golf, shopping. We also visited Deal castle, Walmer castle and Dover castle. Dover Castle was the most impressive.
We went to the folk festival of Broadstairs, saw a film in the cinema, visited some museums, went to the Canterbury Cathedral and visited the Shell grotto of Margate.
The last one was a grotto with only shells : on the ceiling, on the walls, everywhere !
Absoluty beautiful !
And finally we saw an exhibition of Mondrian. It was very interesting ! And it was his real paintings !!!

But this is about the excursions ! Because every morning, we had lessons : 3 hours every days. But her lessons was interesting : we did a lot of language games… For example, we had to mime some situations, to memorise some pictures,etc…
So we enjoyed our lessons.

And her house was huge and nice. We had a lot of fun with Betsy the dog who liked have tans. Ella also have a table to play table tennis and a piano.

So we had a really good time with Jim (who was very nice), Ella (who was very funny) and Alexandra (who played table tennis and computer games with us ). Alena was with us just for a couple of days, so we don’t really know her…

And we forgot to tell that we baked two cakes : a poppy cake and a chocolate cake. They were both exquisite !

So we loved our course with Ella and her family. We recommend it !!!DSC07710 DSC07712 DSC07713 IMG_1035 IMG_1048

Great GB

My name is Timur and I’m from Russia, Ufa. I have had three very nice  weeks living with the Roxburgh family near Newhnam. I really enjoyed this trip. The second student’s name was Remy, a very friendly and clever boy. The Roxburgh family gave me a lot of experience in their house and out.Together we visited Chepstow Castle, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester and London. It was my first time in GB and I can’t believe how much I have learned.  I want to say Thanks for everyone in Living learning’s staff and family Roxburgh for made this trip unbelievable.                GOPR0856


My nice experience in Blackwell!

DSCN9919My name is Ferran Pau Capdevila and I am from Barcelona. I passes a very nice two weeks living in Blackwell, a little village near Birmingham. I really enjoyed my trip because was my first time in England and is an amazing country.

I have been with a very kind, friendly and happy family and I improved my english a lot. Also we visited interesting places like Oxford colleges, Worcester Foregate, Stratford or the Air Force Museum in Cosford.

In summary, it was one of the best and most useful experience of my life and I strongly recommend to everyone learn english with “Living Learning English” because is the best way to improve your english quickly.DSCN9953 DSCN9970


Our trip to England

DSCN7188  DSCN6924

Hello there! We are Juan and Valentyna, from Spain and Ukraine respectively. We are both 19 years old and we spent a month together in England. The first two weeks were living at Maria Moustaka’s house in London. Every morning we had class, and after having lunch, we went to museums, palaces, landmarks, popular markets, etc. We agreed with Maria the excursions that we would do with it. She took us to places unknown to us: Kenwood House and near Greenwich. We also went to the cinema and a concert in Canary Wharf. 

Before all this, I was worried about the experience of living with the teacher. And finally I loved, the room much better than I expected and Maria was very kind with us. Also the food was delicious. I got used to the UK schedule/timetable soon. 

Then, we spent at Kate Irving’s house the last two weeks in St Albans. It is a town north of London, 20 minutes by train. You can’t compare the two cities, as London offers many more things to do and enjoy. However, Kate helped us spend two amazing weeks. She took us to see a real live trial and explained to us how the justice worked in the UK. Another day, we went to Cambridge where we could see the different colleges and faculties and we got surprised of the education system because it’s very different to our countries ones. We visited Waddesdon Manor, which is one of several houses that the famous and wealthy Rothschild family owns. 

As Maria did, Kate treated us very well and were delighted to meet her family. She lives with her husband Peter, and has three children, whom we met. We went to pub quizzes and we won! I recommend this course.

Great Teacher!

Our son, Alexey, has been taking an Intensive English course with Annette Richardson for three weeks in July 2014. We deeply appreciate her high-level of teaching and training as well as her welcomed family for a warm and friendly atmosphere, our son was involved in.
We would like to emphasize our son’s spoken English became much better. In spite of the hard work, he really liked English programme and, of course, his tutor. Regular excursions and his free time which was spent in Annette’s family,  gave him a total, in-depth experience of English culture and unique help for learning.
We express our thanks one more time for Annette Richardson’s professionalism and comity of manner to our son as well as your school for organization of such an efficient programme. We are ready to give our best recommendations both to school and such a great teacher.
Oleg and Elena The Shurukhin’s