3 wonderful weeks in the North West of England

Hello everybody!

My name is Giulia and I am Italian. I stayed in a lovely family in Bramhall (near Manchester) for 3 weeks. The house was very beautiful and  my room was really comfortable. My teacher Andrew was a very good teacher and he is a generous and lovely person. He helped me preparing the IELTS certificate. I can say the same good things about his wife, Anna, a very nice woman and a great cook.

I loved spend time with them, because they treated me as a member of their family. In the house there was also a Japanese student, a nice person. I had the pleasure to participate in the Japanese tea ceremony.

I really enjoyed doing the excursions (Liverpool, the Old Trafford, Chester, The Quarry Bank Mill, Bramall Hall) but I also loved going for a walk in the amazing english countryside with my family.

To sum up, I spent an amazing time in England and I absolutely suggest this family if you want to enjoy a unforgettable experience.

Moments of our life

It was my first course in family and I full in love in my experience.
Picket’s family is wonderful and amazing people.
My English has improved a lot and I did good preparation for my exam
English has become the language of my dreams and thoughts.
I have enjoyed this month and I’m sure that David and his family enjoy too.

Thanks for this month it has changed my life :))
thank you

IELTS preparation in St Albans

Post walk refreshments
Post walk refreshments
Brown Bears at Whipsnade Zoo
Brown Bears at Whipsnade Zoo
Post concert socialising
Post concert socialising
Kate and Peter
Kate and Peter

My name is Hao. I came to Kate’s house to study for my IELTS. I got the result I needed. I’m happy.
Every Monday night we played Quiz in pub. Peter played Quiz very well.
Every Wednesday we went to concert to listen different music.
After my IELTS exam I worked in a charity shop.
I visited London, Cambridge and Whipsnade Zoo.
I spoke with Kate’s friends. They were very friendly. My speaking is much better.
Sometime we went to theatre to watch a play.

Learning in St Albans

Hello,  my  name  is  Jiebin,  i  come  from  China,  I’m  19.  I  stayed  in  St  Albans  with  Kate  and  peter  for  ten  weeks,  i  had  plenty  of  fun  with  Kate’  family.  I  came  to  England  to  learn  English  and  to  prepare  for  the  IELTS  exam.

It  was  amazing  to  describe  my  long  journey  in  England. I  went  to  London,  Durham,  cambridge,  Brighton,  Blenheim  Palace  and  the  zoo, i  especially  like  visiting  Durham,  Cambridge  and  London.

In  Durham,  Kate,  Peter  and  i  lived  with  Kate’  brother  in  law  for  two  days,   her  brother  in  law  was  quite  funny.  He  taught  me  cooking and  we  went  to  Durham  university,  It  was  very  beautiful,  then  we  visited  the  Durham  cathedral,  it  was  one  thousand  years  old  and  still  very  beautiful.

In  Cambridge,  we  visited  Cambridge  university  and  there  were  30  colleges.  we  saw  many  building  about  famous  people,  like  Isaac  Newton’s  accomodation.

In  London,  i  visited  the  Madame  Tussauds,  which  was  very  fantastic.  There  were  400  waxworks  inside,  including  actors,  singers,  bands  and  politicians.  It  was  quite  interesting.  Then  i  went  to  BFI  cinema,  tower  bridge,  Buckingham  Palace  and  Chinatown,  they  all  were  good  experiences  for  me

In  addition,  we  still  have  many  activities.  We  went  to  concert  every  Wednesday  and  i  had  lots  of  conversation  to  practice  my  socializing.  Sometime,  we  visited  some  new  teachers  and  Kate  gave  some  advice  to  teachers.

Now,  my  English  is  much  better  and  i  will  never  forget  this  lovely  journey !

Thank  you  for  everything.