Unforgettable course!

Уважаемые дамы и господа!

Наш сын Дмитрий Курган (Dmitriy Kurgan) в июле этого года провел 4 недели в семье преподавателя вашей школы господина Ruud van Ruitenbeek.
От этой программы обучения у Дмитрия остались самые приятные впечатления и эмоции! Мистер Ruitenbeek и его семья создали очень дружелюбную и гостеприимную атмосферу в своем доме. Это особенно для нас важно, т.к. Дмитрий – очень стеснительный и скромный ребенок.
И конечно мы очень благодарны господину Ruitenbeek за его преподавательскую работу! Дмитрий значительно повысил свой уровень английского языка и смог сдать экзамен IELTS на 6,0. В этом огромная заслуга преподавателя!
Кроме всего прочего наш сын получил незабываемые впечатления о вашей стране, что еще больше укрепило его желание продолжить свое обучение в Великобритании.
Мы хотим выразить глубокую и искреннюю благодарность господину Ruitenbeek за профессионализм и теплое отношение к нашему сыну!

Sergei Kurgan,
Ekaterina Petrusha.

P.S. We’re sorry for the review in Russian. But our English is not so good to express our gratitude to Mr. Ruitenbeek for his excellent work and personal qualities.

3 wonderful weeks in the North West of England

Hello everybody!

My name is Giulia and I am Italian. I stayed in a lovely family in Bramhall (near Manchester) for 3 weeks. The house was very beautiful and  my room was really comfortable. My teacher Andrew was a very good teacher and he is a generous and lovely person. He helped me preparing the IELTS certificate. I can say the same good things about his wife, Anna, a very nice woman and a great cook.

I loved spend time with them, because they treated me as a member of their family. In the house there was also a Japanese student, a nice person. I had the pleasure to participate in the Japanese tea ceremony.

I really enjoyed doing the excursions (Liverpool, the Old Trafford, Chester, The Quarry Bank Mill, Bramall Hall) but I also loved going for a walk in the amazing english countryside with my family.

To sum up, I spent an amazing time in England and I absolutely suggest this family if you want to enjoy a unforgettable experience.

Moments of our life

It was my first course in family and I full in love in my experience.
Picket’s family is wonderful and amazing people.
My English has improved a lot and I did good preparation for my exam
English has become the language of my dreams and thoughts.
I have enjoyed this month and I’m sure that David and his family enjoy too.

Thanks for this month it has changed my life :))
thank you

IELTS preparation in St Albans

Post walk refreshments
Post walk refreshments
Brown Bears at Whipsnade Zoo
Brown Bears at Whipsnade Zoo
Post concert socialising
Post concert socialising
Kate and Peter
Kate and Peter

My name is Hao. I came to Kate’s house to study for my IELTS. I got the result I needed. I’m happy.
Every Monday night we played Quiz in pub. Peter played Quiz very well.
Every Wednesday we went to concert to listen different music.
After my IELTS exam I worked in a charity shop.
I visited London, Cambridge and Whipsnade Zoo.
I spoke with Kate’s friends. They were very friendly. My speaking is much better.
Sometime we went to theatre to watch a play.