The best stay in England


The food was lovely, Daniela cook very well. We had three meals.
Breakfirst : we’ ve got milk, cereals
They were a lot of kind of cereals and we’ve got an orange juice.
For lunch we’ve got two sandwiches or pasta carbonara. The sandwiches was good but i prefer pasta carbonara she makes it very well.
For diner we’ve got some different meal everyday like pizza which i did it with her, we’ve got curry, chicken, risotto… . And some times for desert we can have ice-cream. We were never hungry because we can have as much as we want.

The excursion was very good.
Our first little excursion it was when we visit the village with Andrew ( the son of Daniela).
The second we went to two museum which was cold Fitzwilliam museum and the second polar museum. In cold Fitzwilliam my favorite things were mummies and in the polar museum it was the model of boat. After visit museum we went to shopping it was very fun and at the end we went visit a lot of colleges and climb up an tower with the tight spiral staircase.
But my favorite excursion was London because we went to London dungeon it was very fun and scary. After we went to Buckingham palace but they were a lot of people so we went to Westminster and we had a tour of boat in the river. Later we went on tower bridge, we climbed up and up there the were floor that was made with window. the view was beautiful, we took a lot of picture and we went at the front of the bridge because it was going to get up and open to have more place so the boat can pass. A few minutes later we went to Piccadilly Circus and we went in to Hamley it is a very big shop just for toys.

I want to say thank you to Daniela for all the excursions, lessons and food. You are a good teacher you get me have fun into this trip. It was my favorite stay with Living Learning English.


Two unforgettable weeks

bridge of sighs
bridge of sighs

We’re Julia, from Spain, and Marie, from France. We’ve had an amazing two weeks here with Kate and Peter. We’ve done many things such as going to London (twice), to Canterbury, to Harry Potter Studios, to a pub quizz and even flying in a little four-seater airplane. It’s been a great experience, and although we were a bit worried about the food, it’s been very good!! Thank you Peter and Kate for this two week in England, we will never forget what you’ve done for us. Bye!!

st Albans park

Toast at Thiebault and Hannah's new house
Toast at Thiebault and Hannah’s new house



Fish and chips :P
Fish and chips 😛


First trip to London
First trip to London


Platform nine and three quarters
Platform nine and three quarters


Natural history museum
Natural history museum


Music festival
Music festival


Let's go flying!!
Let’s go flying!!


Sunny days in St. Albans

Ana (14) and Nina (15), respectively from France and Germany:
We spent three weeks at Kate's house in St. Albans, a lovely Roman town twenty 
minutes by train from London. Kate lives in a modern house (built in the 1960s) 
with her husband Peter. 
They have three children (Jonathan, Lucy and Hannah). 
Each of us had a tiny yet comfortable room where we liked to relax in the 
afternoon after the lessons in the morning. We also enjoyed watching films and 
Nina loved running in the evening in the nearby park. 
The lessons were absolutely fitted to our needs - as our English level is quite good we wanted to 
focus on speaking and pronunciation which we did. 
We went on a few excursions to London, to visit the British Museum and the National Gallery, to go shopping in 
Camden Market and Oxford Street and to see Let It Be the musical (Nina is a 
crazy Beatlemaniac and was close to tears). 
On one day we went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour which was a truly magical experience. We even tried 
Butterbeer but it was a huge disappointment as it was strange. Obviously we 
spent lots of money in the shop and around London, so by the end of the second 
week we each had only about £30 left, but that wasn't a problem.

We went on a one day excursion to Brighton where we got temporary tattoos, had 
fish and chips on the Brighton pier and Nina had a swim in the cooling sea. It 
was a very hot day and the city was crowded but absolutely lovely. 

We met the rest of the family (Kate's children and their partners) on our very 
first day here for a belated birthday meal in a pizzeria as Peter's birthday had 
been the day before.

The family was very warm and welcoming so we didn't feel homesick at all.

We met lots of the family's friends and chatted with them which helped us 
improve our speaking skills.

Peter is a walking encyclopaedia and was always happy to tell us about the 
history of various buildings we saw on our way through the city.

The weather was awesome and really warm, which was amazing as we actually got to 
tan a bit.

Despite the stereotypes the food was very good and we gained a few pounds.

We had lots of activities but also enough free time to relax in the garden.

Ana and I became friends after initial insecurity/shyness and loved laughing, 
talking and watching films till midnight.

 abbey road brighton lanes brighton camden market DSCN6426 platform nine and three quaet sherlock holmes museum trafalgar square

My first time in the UK.

Hi I’m Kana.

I have been in St.Albans since 1st June.
Now,I have got used to life in the UK.
I went to a lot of places Bridget Jones house, Tower of London, Harry Potter studio, every wednesday concert and perfume shops.
I really wanted to visit perfume shop FLORIS and PENHALIGON’S
I had a lovely time.
Kate and Peter’s home made food is so delicious.  I’m always looking forward to eating.
I had a good experience in St.Albans. I will never forget the 3 weeks i spent in St.Albans.

The river ver

, St.Albans CarhedralTower BridgeBridget Jones’ apartmentThe Chamber of secretsKate. Peter, Yvette and Jacques

Thank you Kate, Peter and everyone I met.


My first time in the UK


My name is SAKURAKO. I’m Japanese.  I stayed 3 weeks in St Albans with KATE and PETER.

I visited London, Whipsnade Zoo, Jazz concert, opera, etc.

Peter taught me about the history of St Albans.  Peter is a walking dictionary!!!

I went to Cambridge. I was surprised at the Mathematical Bridge. Because it was first built without bolts or nuts!! it’s just wood. In the library, I saw Newton’s hairs, his note, etc.

I visited Harry Potter Studio with Kate. It was beautiful and amazing!!! I tried butter beer. But it was too sweet for me. I stayed there about 5 hours!!!

Every Wednesday, we went to a concert to listen to different music.

After the concert, we went to a pub to speak with Kate’s friends.

They are very kind and friendly!!!

I had good fun to stay in Kate’s house!!

My conversation progressed more than I hoped !!

Harry PotterDeer at WhipsnadeJazz concertEvery WednesdayWalking in the countryside

Adel and Tanguy in St Albans

      We are two of Kate Irving`s students, Adel and Tanguy. We are 16. We came to England to study English for our future. Adel`s from Russia, Tanguy`s from Switzerland.

       We had a great time with this family. We visited many amazing places. For example, first we visited London.  It was wonderful. We saw Buckingham palace, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and many galleries. By the way, Adel went to the London Eye. She liked it very much. After that we had time to go shopping.

       Next we visited Harry Potter. It was fantastic. We saw many unusual things, for example, Hogwarts from inside and outside and all teachers. But we were very surprised, when we saw Hogwarts outside, because… We won`t tell you why, you have to see it yourselves. Also we saw Harry`s room, his house, his clothes and “dark side” (Vol De Mort, etc). By the way, we took very interesting photos.

      Then we had a good evening when we drove for a walk. We met very interesting people. We talked with them lots about everything. Also we had a lot of walking. After that we continue our conversations in local pub.

       After that on Sunday it was very sunny and hot so we had a barbecue with Kate`s family. This family is the most interesting, the coolest when we`ve ever seen. Kate and Peter have got three marvellous children.

        Next day we went to the zoo. It was Tanguy`s birthday. While we were driving in the car, we were playing “alphabets zoo”. It was very funny. In the zoo we saw a lot of animals: chimpanzees, bears, penguins, lions, elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, lemurs, etc. We really enjoyed presentation of birds and sea lions. We had a great time.

        As well we had many concerts, live music. We did a lot of sport activities: especially climbing and swimming.

       Finally, we want to say Kate`s the best teacher. She`s very clever, very beautiful, very funny and she really loves her students. By the way our English is better than at the beginning. We will never forget this learning course. Thank you to Kate and her family for everything

in the car at the zoo.  birthday barbecueKate and Tanguy at Harry Potter, 4 July  IMG_2344adel at harry potterbarbecue