Nice time in Sandwich

Hi! I’m Alexandra and I come from France. I’m 17 years old. I spent two weeks in Sandwich with Margherita, my Italian mate with who I get on and my lovely teacher’s family.

We visited a lot of places like the Wingham Wildlife Zoo where we could touch a snake and an iguana, and the impressive Dover and Walmer castles.  We also went to the beach twice in Birchington and Westbrook and the weather was amazing!  We made the most of the sun to get a tan.  What I preferred was Canterbury.  It has a very impressive Cathedral and pretty City where we enjoyed delicious hot chocolate and scones in Tiny Tim’s Tea Rooms.  Margherita, Tristan – my teacher’s son- and me played tennis, not very well which was why it was funny!  We were invited to Madeleine’s leaving party, my teacher’s niece.  We met nice people and ate delicious cup cakes. We made cup cakes too but Madeleine’s ones were better 🙂  Margherita and me went to The Salutation Gardens where my teacher’s daughter Harriet works.  It was very colourful and beautiful. We enjoyed doing the trampolline.

Margherita is a great mate.  We shared nice moments and laughed a lot!  I would like to thank my teacher for her hospitality.  She was a very good teacher and lovely with us and I really liked my stay in England!





My stay in Sandwich!

Hello I’m Pol, I have 13 years old I live in a town near Barcelona.

This 2 weeks I stayed in Sandwich a little town near London. I stayed with Cathei (teacher), Tristan (son), Harriet (daughter) and Kalle (the other student), Kalle is from Germany.

We did a lot of things, we went to the beach in Botony Bay in Kingsgate, to the swimming pool in Tides, to Dover castle, to the cinema, to Canterbury’s Cathedral, to Wingham Wildlife Park and to London.

I did 3 hours of lessons a day, the food was really good.

All days we watched olympics, Spain isn’t very good.

My Story of my Stay in Sandwich

Hello, my name is Robert. I am 13 years old and I come from Belarus. I like studying in England. It is very beautiful. My lessons are very good and my English teacher is very very good teacher. My favourite place is London, Big Ben was the best! I love swimming, the cinema, the shops and Bertie the dog. Sandwich is a really really nice town. Canterbury is good for souvenier shopping and the Cathedral. Pizza Express is a good restaurant.

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