Bastien in Bristol

I was really happy about this course because the family is realy good, the food too, the english training too and we have a good weather. Bristol is a good city, we can see a lot of things, there are a lot of interesting things to do and a good shopping center. I have really progress during this week.


One week in total immersion

I come from France and I am not a teenager! (I am 48 years old). I needed to improve my English’s understanding and I chose an immersion stay. I stayed in Bristol in Lesley`s home for 1 week. I really enjoyed the days with her and her family. Lesley’s family has been very kind to me and I have felt at home. Every morning I have had four hours of lessons and in the afternoon I visited the town of Bristol. Previously, I went twice in Bristol for my job and I knew already some of places of this town. This week, I have visited the boat Great Britain and the zoo. Even if animals from the zoo don’t speak English, I should you visiting this zoo. The prairie dogs are irresistible! In Bristol’s buses I found always somebody to help me for not missing the bus stop. People are friendlier in Bristol as Liverpool. 20 hours of course per week: I think that is the maximum this week in total immersion with individual course has been more profitable than one month in a group course.



My Stay in Bristol

My stay in Bristol (4 – 16 Sept) was an extraordinary experience for learning English and because of the human connection that has existed between my teacher, her family and me. My teacher had the great ability to never get bored and adapted the lessons to what I need and asked her. The lessons were funny and two-way. She has put a lot of patience and love in her work. The whole family (and their friends) were very positive and friendly and gave me the possibility to express myself and gave me lots of attention. In my teacher’s house there was privacy for being quiet or studying and it was in a very good position, near the centre. I felt comfortable and very happy!

My amazing week in Bristol

The first great thing about Bristol is that you can visit the famous science museum “@ Bristol| “. And then there is the shopping mall that is really modern and cheap. The family I was staying with was really kind and helpful. The only annoying thing was the CAT because it bit me sometimes.


Two weeks in Bristol

Hello! My name is Bonnie. I am from China. I am 15. I stayed in Bristol for two weeks. It was very interesting because we went on trips to Bath and visited the Roman Baths. We went to the Suspension Bridge, the cinema, the shops and the museum. I learned about pronunciation, conversation, grammar and vocabulary. It was very good! I think my English is getting better. Now I’m going back to China. I miss my family very much!


Refresher course in Bristol

My name is Sissi and I am from Italy. I March I made a two-week refresher course for teachers with Lesley in Bristol. This 1:1 course was perfect for my requirements which were mainly to brush up my communication skill, vocabulary and use of English for the classroom as well as make my English sound more natural. Lesley is a very experienced, flexible and energetic teacher who made me feel at home during our intensive lessons which included a wide range of materials such as podcasts,films, recents interviews or newspaper articles. Her sense of humour and outgoing personality made our lessons not only interesting but lively and fun. The time with her and her lovel y family made me remember why I’m so fond of the English people and culture. In fact, one of the highlights of my stay were the family dinners. The food, in fact, was delicious, the conversatons going on even better. In my comfortable, cosy room I found a vast choice of books, magazines as well as DVDs (with many more to choose from in the house) which gave me further opportunity to listen to or read English. Also during our excursions to Bath or the seaside I enjoyed myself enormously with my witty tourist guide Lesley. So, full immersion into English, which was the reason why I chose a 1:1 course, was highly successful. The only thing I regret is that I haven’t been able to see more of the surrounding coutryside. That’s why I’ll come back soon!