2 weeks in Bristol

I  stayed 2 weeks in Lesley and David’s house. I met different young people from other countries as well, so I was able to improve my English and listen to lots of different accents!  Everyone was very kind to me and friendly.  I could go out with them and spend some of my free time with them and speak English all the time.  I had 4 hours of lessons every day and the time went so fast! The classes were fun, dynamic and I improved my listening – and hopefully my speaking – a lot. Lesley listened to my opinion about what I wanted to improve.The atmosphere in the house was great – and the meals too! I recommend this type of course to anyone who wants to improve their English. I’m sure I’m going to do it again!

I felt at home in Bristol!!

I’m Carmen, I’m from Valencia and I stayed in Lesley’s home for two weeks. I felt at home, I had fun learning English and meeting new people.

I was very happy thanks to Lesley and her great family. People in Spain told me that English people were serious and wouldn’t understand my jokes, but it isn’t true!!! This family broke the stereotype. We laughed a lot!

I also went to the office of Living Learning English and met all the people who work for this organisation, all of them were very friendly!

This kind of course is really good for me because I learned English, went sightseeing and lived in a family. For me it is important when I travel to know how people live, and I was able to share and feel like one of the family.

All of them are marvellous!

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4 weeks near Bristol

SS Great Britain, Bristol

I’m Alexey, 26, from Moscow, Russia.
I had a language course for 4 weeks with Martin Spiller and his family in summer 2013.

I think it was a right decision to have a language course in England, because the course was very useful for me.

And the course was very interesting too!
We visited Bristol, Bath, Wells, Caerleon, a stone circle in Avebury, Cheddar Gorge and several beautiful villages.

My teacher, Martin, was a very intelligent man. It was very interesting to talk to him about history, politics, economics and, of course, about linguistics! He knew a lot about places we went to.

I also communicated with his wife, his children and grandchildren and with several their guests from different countries, so I could practise my English with different people, and all of them were very friendly.

I hope I will be able to visit Great Britain again in 2 or 3 years.

Two weeks in Bristol :)

Hi! We are Audrey from France and Carolina from Italy. We enjoyed two weeks in Bristol with our teacher Lesley Watteau and her family.

We had a great time. In the mornings we had lessons and then we visited the city. We went to the Dockside Museum, the Bristol Cathedral, the M Shed (museum of Bristol life) and the Georgian House. We walked on the Bristol Bridge, we had a trip by boat along the harbour and we visited the BBC TV Centre. At the weekend we went to Bath and we saw the museum “Number One” (the Royal Crescent) and the Jane Austen centre. We also had time to go shopping in the Old City of Bristol and in Cabot Circus (the new Shopping Centre).

We lived in a lovely house with Lesley, her husband David, two of their children and two other students: Irena from Czech Republic and Gerome from France. They were all very friendly to us and the food was good!

We hope you will choose a LLE experience! 🙂


Wonderful time with Ruth and her family in England

My name is Tamaki, 10 years old boy from Japan. I stayed at Ruth’s house for two weeks. In the morning, I learned English with Ruth. In the afternoon, Ruth took me to many places like the Stone Henge. I also enjoyed playing with her dog and cat. It was a wonderful time for me, and I want to visit Ruth next summer.


Hello, my name is Clara and I am from Spain.

I lived for 2 weeks with my teacher Lesley and her family and other young people from different countries. They were all very friendly!

At first it was difficult for me to understand and speak but, day by day, everything improved.

I am happy with my stay in Bristol!

The weather was good (incredible!) One day we went to Wales and had a fantastic time in the countryside.  I liked it!

The lessons were interesting and my English is better now!

Trip to Bristol during 2 weeks


I am Agnès, I come from France near Geneva, and I am 16.

I was in the Watteau family with Lesley as my English teacher. I was very happy to be there. I met international university students, who spoke English, were very friendly and did a lot of things with me! I made some good friends! These two weeks were too short because I had such a lot of things to do!

I had to do a bit of work for my school, but it was a fantastic holiday too.

I want to thank Lesley and her family for receiving me, and taking so much care of me!

It was really great!


family Watteau

Hi! My Name is Alizée, I’m 14 and I live in France. This summer, I went to England for one week from the 26 of August to the 1 of September. I was staying at the Watteaus’ house in Bristol.

Leslie was the teacher. The lessons were very interesting and fitted to my expectations: as I had asked, we focused the lessons on learning idioms and vocabulary about history, geography and literature, as these subjects will be taught to me in English next year. I also read and analysed the beginning of the book Of Mice and Men of John Steinbeck as I will be soon studying it. On two afternoons I went out with Leslie on excursions: we have first been to Mshed, a museum about Bristol’s history and on the second day we visited the hundred-and-fifty-year-old ship, SS Great Britain which was built in Bristol. Both of these excursions were very interesting and fascinating.

On other afternoon I would just take a bus to the city centre and do some shopping, mainly in the cheap centre PRIMARK.

The family was very nice and funny. It was very pleasent to talk with them. The food was very good and there was always enough to eat. The room I was staying in was huge and the facilities very good.


Great time in Bristol


God save the queens

I’m Loreto Saez Garcia I’m 16 years old and I come from Spain.

I have stayed in Bristol for 2 weeks with Lesley and her family and with my partner Heloise who comes from France.

On the first day the teacher asks you what do you want to improve and your partner has the same level as you. The lessons are entertaining and you learn a lot. You feel that your english is going higher.

During the week we have some days with planed excursions, you aren’t bored never. The family is really kind and your acomodation is well-equiped. The food is nice too and if you don’t like fish or another things you only have to tell it and there isn’t any problem.

Everybody knows about the weather in England so you have to bring with you a coat and an umbrella.

Those two weeks had been amazing and doing this course is when you really improve your level because you aren’t with people who comes from your country and you are speaking english all the time.

If the relationship with your partner is good you will have a friend forever!!!


Good travel to Bristol


working hard!


Hi, I’m Heloise, I’m from france and I’ve decided to go in Bristol for improve my English.

During the week I had 3 hours lesson by day with an other student, Loreto! She came from spain and she’s very nice, we have a good relationship.

The lesson was very good, we have learnt lot of things: verb tense; usual vocabulary… I thinks it’s a good travel to learn English.

At the begining it’s a little difficult to understand the people because the accents is very different than the english teacher in france, but after some day it’s ok.

The family is very nice, they speake slowly and use lot of gestures for helping the student. Lesley is an execelent teacher and make a delicious dinner!!

the family welcome Loreto, me and two other students but we saw her just during the dinner because the day they were in a school.

we had 2 excursions by week. We saw the most famous things in Bristol. the other days, we were  free after noon so we went to the city center ( shoooping, walk, laugh a lot!!).

Bristol is a very beautiful city. Loreto the perfect partner.