Good days in England

20140812_155054hi ! In England we have a lot of fun , every day we are doing something . One day we go cycling in the forest. The tour was very long and Mike said “we arrive in 20 minutes …” It was a joke , finally we arrived in 3 hours later , then I found out we had cycled 17 km , omg . We went to Bristol and shopping was very very cooool !!! one day we went to the Gloucester , where filmed Harry Potter – I love this movie so much ..We also went to a treetop, it was cool and awesome. It was a nice experience but I am delighted to return.

Our summer in Bristol!

Clifton Bridge SS Great Britain

We are Julia, from Spain, and Solene, from France, and we  have spent two weeks in Bristol. We lived in Lesley’s house, and we had English classes every morning. In the afternoons we visited the city, four days with our teacher. We went to the science museum, where we saw two actors, one from Homeland and the other from Harry Potter! We explored the SS Great Britain, the first iron ship to take people to America. We also visited two museums, two houses, a cathedral and, of course, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. On Saturday we went to Bath and, in the fashion museum we dressed up like Victorian women, The dresses were so heavy !! We walked around the narrow streets and the abbey. And of course we did some shopping, Julia gives the shops 8/10 ! We were both worried about the food in England but It wasn’t so bad after all ! The people were nice, we met some of Lesley’s friends. Although we had only 3h of lessons, we spoke all day in English. And now we are starting to think in English !

Famous actorsthe prettiest victorian women

My Incredible Trip to Bristol

I am Alberto and I am from Spain.

I went three weeks to Bristol. Everything was perfect, my room, the family, the lessons…

I went to a lot of places near Bristol, I went to the zoo, to the Suspension Bridge, to the theatre, and even to London! Were I had such a good time, i saw The London Eye, Big Ben and even Buckingham Palace.

I could go to an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and I could do exercice too in an awesome trampoline they have in their huge garden!

I had such a good time there i would repeat my experience an d if someone asked me if it would be worth the trip, i would definitely recommend this family!

our trip to Bristol

We spent a great time in Bristol. The 3 hours of learning a day weren’t too long thanks to the coffee break. The weather was surprisingly good, even too hot on the top deck of the bus! The house and the bedrooms were very comfortable and we both slept very well (at every opportunity). Moreover, the food, which was my biggest worry, was very good and healthy. As you can see from the photos, we went out to different places such as the science museum “At Bristol”, but we also visited a restored ship, went in some caves near town and to the aquarium. Finally, we bought clothes and presents at the shopping center, which is easy to get to in about 5 mins by bus. These 2 weeks were great and we recommend this trip! P1090793 P1090791

Clara & Laura in Bristol

Hi everyone!

Clara : 17 years old, Madrid, Spain.Second time in the UK

Laura: 16 years old. Geneva, Switzerland. First time in the UK.

We spent two weeks in the centre of Bristol with Lesley. The house is really nice and big (with garden too!). We really felt like at home and the whole  family was very friendly . The lessons in the morning went quickly because they were very interesting and helped us a lot to improve our English (especially the speaking, listening and reading to improve our vocabulary). In the afternoon we had a lot of free-time  which we used to visit Bristol. Shopping was very good and we have no money left! We did a nice trip to Bath and we visited a lot of museums with Lesley. All the meals were excellent and don´t worry if you eat a lot you won´t be hungry ! The rooms are very nice and they have all the facilities that you need. The residential  area is very nice and quiet. We loved exploring the city by ourselves and the weather was better than we thought it would be. Doing the everyday activities with the family is a very good way to learn about British culture.

This trip was a perfect combo of having fun, meeeting new poeple, learning English and growing up!

We would really recommened this type of course for any kind of student.

Some photos of our trip:

(Dressing up it´s not compulsory)


P1090751 P1090762

Love from,

Clara and Laura.
















Course in Bristol

I am Laure from France.  I am 20 years old.  I stayed in Bristol for 3 weeks with Heather and her family.

Before I arrived, I was stressed but Heather was very nice with me.

Every morning I went to my English lesson.  All lessons were different.  I read, wrote, watched videos, spoke and at the end I sometimes played Scrabble.

In the afternoons, I went to different areas in Bristol.  For example, I went to the SS Great Britain.  It’s a big ship and very interesting.  I am a girl and I love shopping so Heather took me shopping in Bristol and Bath.  I also visited Berkeley Castle.  It’s a good castle with wonderful butterfly garden.  It’s lovely.

My family was very nice with me.  They went to a pub restaurant for a family birthday and took me with them.  It was a good time for me.

I watched tennis with Chris (Heather’s husband) some afternoons on tv or read magazines in my room.  I also learnt some new recipes and made English apple and cinnamon cake.

My level in English has improved.  It’s very good.  I spent a very good trip in Bristol.


My trip to Bristol with Lesley and her family

Having returned to Spain after three weeks in Bristol studying English with Lesley and his lovely family and have to say it has been a great experience.

As not everything in life is studying, after our three-hour class in the morning, and after lunch, watching the news and practicing my English speaking with Lesley on them, in the afternoon, I had free time for tourism. Sometimes accompanied by Lesley and others on my own, have had the posibility to visit Clifton Suspension Bridge,St Mary Redcliffe Church, St Mary Redcliffe Church,Bristol Cathedral,The Georgian House, The Red Lodge and so on. And even take a turn on weekends in Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury Lacock, Wells, Wales.I’ve also had the opportunity to practice my english with others students staying at Lesley´s house, which gaves a bonus to my stay.

In short, my trip was a perfect combination of learning the language, and culture journey that has allowed me to meet other cities, other customs, other culture.

I want to thank from here to the LLI organization, and Fran and Pauline, who were our companions, great day we spent browsing the Avon River, visiting Brunel’s ss Great Britain and having lunch.

Thank you !

un petit message un peu tardif pour vous remercier pour le séjour extraordinaire de Théo à Bristol.
Théo a adoré ce séjour, profitable tant sur le plan personnel que par rapport aux acquisitions en langue anglaise : il a énormément progressé à l’oral et dans son expression écrite, et il a appris à se déplacer seul dans une ville universitaire et à gérer son temps libre.
Lesley Watteau est un excellent professeur, très à l’écoute de la personnalité de Théo, l’emmenant visiter des sites liés aux goûts de Théo. Elle l’a très bien préparé au test pour ENP. Et l’ambiance chez elle était très jeune et sympathique !
Théo est revenu mûri de son séjour.
Merci pour tout !
Bien cordialement.
Anne-Valéry Reignier

One week in Bristol

photo photo 5  photo 4 photo 3

I have spent one week in Bristol with Lesley and her Family. What can I say? It has been a really nice experience that I’ve never done before. Lesley is a lovely person and a good teacher and she with her family make me feel very comfortable.

The course was really good, focused on my necessities. That’s what I expected before coming, so it was great! But now, the most important thing is to carry on my English! At least, the first step is done. 🙂

Bristol is a nice city; I’ve been only one week so I haven’t had enough time to discover. We were really lucky because during my stay in Bristol there was the wildlife photographer of the year exhibition; I haven’t ever seen such a great pictures!! And we saw them for free!

Two weeks in Bristol

Two weeks ago I was in Bristol enjoying a nice and friendly city with Charles. He was my teacher and I was living with his family at their beautiful and comfortable house. My experience in England has been excellent. Day by day I felt more confident with my speaking and my listening. I had four hours of lessons every day, and Charles showed me interesting places and gave me a lot of explanations about them. Now, after two weeks, I’m still studding at home…I don’t want to lose what I learned there!